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Planning and Environmental Management

Dimas Wisnu Adrianto

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Previous education

  • Master of Urban and Regional Planning -Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
  • Master of Environmental Management, Sustainable Development -The University of Queensland, Australia

Thesis title

Rethinking Sustainable City-Regions in Developing Countries: Urban Sprawl and the Emergence of Planning and Policy Improvement to Deliver Sustainability Outcomes at the Urban Fringe (A case study of Indonesia)


Research details

Despite extensive research on urban sprawl, little progress has been made to reveal the complex, co-evolutionary systems of peri-urbanization. This can be essential to provide powerful framework to measure impacts and trade-offs, which planning must take into account. Considering “urban” influence as an obstacle towards agricultural preservation, can we imply that industrial investments are more desirable? Do decentralising residential investments support the premise of sustainable development - the intra and intergenerational equity - towards affordable housing? Otherwise, should we foster agricultural investments to satisfy a prominent life support system as one of the most fundamental principles of sustainable development? What are the institutional settings and are there influences / co-evolution derived from the dynamic of political, social and economic affairs? This research deploys critical discourse and a four step synergistic mapping and design to present an in-depth understanding of the debates and bring out new insights to improve peri-urban planning and policy-making for Indonesia’s prominent city-regions

Research interests

  • Peri-urbanization
  • Rural-urban disputes
  • Regional planning
  • Environmental management

Recent publications

  • Adrianto, D.W., Aprildahani, B.R. and Subagiyo, A. 2013. Tackling the Sprawl, Protecting the Parcels – An Insight to the Community’s Preferences on Peri-urban Agricultural Preservation. Spaces & Flows: An International Journal of Urban & Extra Urban Studies. 2013, Vol. 3 Issue 3, p115-125 
  • Adrianto, DW., 2012. The Local Food System as a Strategy for the Rural- Urban Fringe Planning – a Pathway towards Sustainable City Regions. Alliance for Global Sustainability Bookseries, 2012, Volume 19, Part 1, 83-95. Springer