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Planning and Environmental Management

Nick Moule

Previous education / experience

  • Over 30 years’ experience as a senior manager with Blackburn with Darwen, Hyndburn and Bolton on urban regeneration, housing and planning policies as well as previous local authority positions.
  • Roles on sub regional working groups and advisor on urban regeneration and housing policy.
  • BA Hons Urban and Regional Planning, MSc Management in Housing, MRTPI

Thesis title

To identify the key issues affecting deprived neighbourhoods in peripheral towns located outside the UK’s main conurbations and assesses the nature, form and extent of local regeneration responses to the Government’s urban policy reforms. These are being explored through a case study of neighbourhoods in peripheral urban areas of Lancashire.


Research details

Urban policy research has focused on metropolitan areas. Industrial areas outside the main conurbations have similarly faced sometimes painful consequences of economic restructuring. Some of the UK’s most deprived neighbourhoods are situated in peripheral towns located in former textile, steel, coalfield areas or seaside resorts.

During a period of economic austerity the Coalition Government has embarked on a neo liberal economic policy agenda that has included radical changes to urban policy and the virtual abandonment of area based regeneration programmes. The Government’s aim for radically changing the role of the state involves shifting the power away from Whitehall towards local people and communities. They argue this will lead to greater local engagement by a range of local, voluntary and private actors thereby strengthening civic society and personal responsibility.

Without targeted regeneration funding there are significant challenges for the future of neighbourhoods of urban areas already facing difficulties due to their peripheral location.

The research studies the concept of austerity urbanism and implications for deprived neighbourhoods in peripheral areas. The fieldwork study reviewing the compatibility of the localism agenda with austerity policies by examining how communities and policy actors are responding to the austerity climate by developing new forms of regeneration intervention.

Research interests

Research into urban regeneration and local government policy development.

Recent publications

Features for planning magazines and local press on a range of a range of issues.