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Planning and Environmental Management

Victoria Lawson 

Previous education / experience

Victoria is a Chartered Town Planner and qualified Urban Designer with 20 years of experience in roles of responsibility in regeneration and environmental projects.

Victoria has practiced in the public and private sectors, both the UK and New Zealand – and trained in the UK and The Netherlands.

  • MRTPI: Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute
  • MA Urban Design
  • BPL (Bachelor of Planning)
  • BA (Hons) Town and Country Planning

Thesis title

How successful are design-driven approaches to development in regenerating city centres previously in decline? 


Research details

Victoria’s research is concerned with evaluating the impacts of ‘design-led’ regeneration.   However, from the outset, a key problem is that the term ‘design led’ is too generic to be of any real use.  As such Victoria’s research seeks to establish more precise understandings of the contribution of various components of design in regeneration efforts.

Victoria’s principal research interests focus on the following themes:

  • How the constant movement of design ideas impacts on achieving and sustaining city centre regeneration,
  • How the pursuit of design excellence accomplishes something worthwhile on the ground,
  • The implications of utilising leading edge design in city centre regeneration.

By exploring these three key themes – through the analysis of a case study scheme – it is intended to achieve a better understanding of how, specifically, design can aid regeneration and help address city centre decline.

Liverpool One is examined as the case study scheme. Liverpool One has been chosen for analysis because it is regarded as a regeneration scheme committed to delivering design excellence.  In addition, Liverpool One has been described by both Liverpool City Council and the developer as leading edge design.