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Planning and Environmental Management

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Sustainable urbanism and environmental resilience

Our researchers have established a strong international reputation for innovative and interdisciplinary environmental research.

Much of the research is centred on developing an improved understanding of the relationship between spatial planning and environmental systems and processes. Research has focused on a number of themes including:

  • creating a better understanding of environmental risks, resilience and uncertainty
  • environmental assessment
  • environmental sustainability
  • green infrastructure
  • the development of strategic responses to environmental change.

Examples of research in this area include:

  • Carbon Landscape, supporting public engagement with an innovative cultural heritage and natural restoration project in North West England (Heritage Lottery)
  • Climate Just, helping map vulnerability in context of climate change (Joseph Roundtree Foundation)
  • Climate Proofing Cities, funded by the Dutch Government,  focusing on the relationship between climate change and green infrastructure
  • Department of Energy and Climate Change-funded study on EIA practice within the offshore oil and gas sector
  • GRaBs: Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco-Towns toolkit with partners across Europe
  • Green Growth: Increasing the Resilience of Cities Through The Delivery of Green Infrastructure Based Solutions (NERC funded) - This project explores the institutional dynamics of decision making for green infrastructure in urban areas, promoting the uptake of scientific knowledge amongst GI stakeholders.
  • Green Infrastructure and the Health and Wellbeing Influences on an Ageing Population (GHIA: NERC funded): this research examines the benefits of urban GI for older people and how GI greening projects can be used to support healthy ageing in urban areas
  • GROW GREEN (EU Horizon 2020): Green Cities for Climate and Water Resilience, Sustainable Economic Growth, Healthy Citizens and Environment - This five-year international research project seeks to establish and demonstrate innovative and replicable approaches for the use of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) in addressing urban flood risk, heat stress and other climatic challenges
  • localized externality and sustainability issues in urban environments, such as transportation noise, and energy efficiency/demand in housing and real estate
  • MEMO – an online tool for examining multiple dimensions of green infrastructure un Manchester (ESRC IAA funded)
  • Pro-poor adaptation to climate change in Nicaragua, Kenya, Colombia and India (funded by World Bank and Ford Foundation)
  • RESIN (EU Horizon 2020 project) looking at Climate Resilient Cities and Infrastructure.