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Planning and Environmental Management

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Urban governance, politics and planning

Work in the area of urban governance, politics and planning involves a range of policy-related research focused on understanding a wide variety of planning and regeneration problems at a variety of spatial scales.

This is achieved through the development of various methodological and theoretical innovations.

Examples of research in this area include:

  • a number of projects focused on infrastructure development and planning, in Northern England and internationally (including China and Sydney)
  • Asset Planning in Cities of the Global South (Ford Foundation) takes the asset accumulation/adaptation theoretical framework and links it to bottom-up community action planning practice to develop a novel approach to urban asset planning.
  • critical interrogation of new spatial planning practices , including:
    • how think tanks and other external actors seek to influence the future direction of national planning policy
    • neoliberalisation and planning
    • postpolitics, planning and urban protests
    • the remaking of sub-regional and metropolitan scales of planning
    • work on economic and environmental soft spaces (funded by the Hamburg Science Foundation).
  • cycling and urban design guides
  • Ecourbanisation in China (ESRC-funded)
  • providing expert advice on metropolitan regions for the Assembly of European Regions
  • the uneven impacts of austerity in Greater Manchester.
  • work on the Northern Powerhouse and devolution in Greater Manchester, as part of the Devo Manc hub (ESRC IAA-funded).