Aishwarya Ajit Kulkarni

Aishwarya graduated from MSc Real Estate Asset Management in 2018 and now works as a Project Manager in M/S Shreeram Builders and Promoters.

On choosing my course

Aishwarya Ajit Kulkarni

I read about courses from all over the UK and got selected in several universities but chose to study in Manchester after all, as the curriculum for my course was best suited.

What I liked the most was that it was based on practical knowledge, with London and Berlin Fieldtrips, as well as corporate real estate projects that helped us have group discussions with top company leaders. I always wanted to do a master’s course which involves both finance and construction-related subjects - so I found this course which perfectly fit my interest.

On my career

Currently, I work as Project Manager in M/S Shreeram Builders and Promoters, where I am handling entire residential projects, including all the civil work determining and defining the scope of work and deliverables, and predicting resources needed to complete projects.

On my learning

The most important thing I gained was confidence in whatever task I take I complete it properly. Then another thing I learnt and the biggest takeaway is how to manage construction schedules and activities.

The course has helped me to confidently stand and do fieldwork and manage paperwork as the coursework was completely based on practical knowledge.

On my advice to prospective students

I will definitely tell one thing that if someone is looking for a course which involves a comprehensive range of site visits, a consultancy group project, working alongside industry mentors, residential and overseas field visits - then you should definitely go for this course.