Kai Ho

Kai is a BSc Planning and Real Estate student with an interest in how urban planning can impact people’s lives.

On my course

Kai Ho

I’ve done a site analysis project in one of my courses so far. We had to plan a site visit to a dam and produce an analysis of it and provide ways to improve it.

It was amazing as it enabled us to come up with creative but practical ideas to solve the problem. I find it challenging, yet also fun and interesting!

The reason I feel as though this is a truly special course is that we have more group discussion workshops and practical field trips than other degrees, which tend to be more focused on formal lectures.

On improving my career prospects

I am currently a student ambassador for my School (SEED) and the Marketing Officer of the Manchester Energy and Environment Society (MEES).

I feel like the university has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of different people which has given me insight and advice I needed for my future career. The alumni network at the University helps a lot!