Rachael Morris

Rachael is studying for an integrated Master’s in Planning and Real Estate.

On choosing Planning at Manchester

Rachael Morris

Planning can alter the built environment, sometimes permanently, and so studying it means I can hopefully impact positively on people’s lives.

As for the University, it has a prestigious reputation and Planning at Manchester is also high in the rankings.

The city is also vibrant and has lots of character - Manchester is so diverse and full of life, every time you go into town you see something different!

On my work experience

In the second year, there’s an optional course unit to take on a work placement. I split my time between a private consultancy called Southern Planning Practice and a local authority called Eastleigh Borough Council.

I loved looking into planning applications and deducing what decision I would give before planners would reveal what was actually recommended.

On the hardest part of my course

Course units such as Urban Design have been challenging for me because there’s been new computer software to learn. However, it’s very rewarding once you finally grasp it and can work faster each time.

On fieldwork abroad

In the second year, we went to Porto in Portugal. It was an excellent learning experience, as well as a bonding experience with other course mates. The highlights were seeing Porto on a city tour and visiting the vineyards in the Douro Valley!

On volunteering and sports

Throughout my years here I’ve taken part in the Dance Society, volunteered at Oxfam and also taken part in Sporticipate. I also help to run and organise events for the PLUM (Planning, Landscape and Urban Management) Society, which is the society for all students studying the built environment.

Some people come to university just to get a degree and to help them find a job. However, I believe university also makes you a much more of a well-rounded person and helps to set you up for life, as well as your career.