Shree Thakker

Shree is studying MSc Real Estate Development.

On choosing Planning at Manchester

Shree Thakker

I chose to do this particular course as I have a keen interest in going into the property industry and this course seemed the best fit.

On top of that, it involves an international field trip which is an incredible experience that I could not be more excited for. I think this course is fantastic in terms of outdoor learning, it really gets you out of the classroom and into the real world. 

I think what motivated me to go to university, and in particular, Manchester, was that I really wanted a university which had both campus and city feel, and I think Manchester has a perfect balance.

On my highlight

The highlight of my course so far has to be the trip to London at the start of the year - as you come into a master’s degree not knowing anyone, it was a great chance to bond with other course mates, learn about each other, as well as exploring aspects of the course further.

On the hardest part of my course

I think the most challenging part of the course so far is also the most rewarding - the amount of independent learning involved.

It’s quite a big jump from how my undergraduate degree was, but if you have good time-keeping skills and work hard, then it is very rewarding!

On the student experience

My student experience so far has been incredible. I absolutely love the university, people, campus and opportunities that this university has had to offer.

This will probably sound strange but I genuinely think the best thing about living and studying here is how fast the buses come. As I live in quite a small town, the thought of coming to one of the major cities in England was quite daunting, however, you tend to realise that although Manchester is such a large city, everything is fairly close by to each other, and very accessible due to the fantastic transport links. This also means that seeing friends, or going on nights out are also made much easier, and cheaper!

On volunteering and sports

I am a student representative for my course and I love it. It’s a great way of making new friends, mingling with different types of people, and making a change.

It is incredibly rewarding to know that the student voice is heard and that there are staff willing to listen and take on board new changes in order to help us.

On my future

After graduation, I am looking to apply for a job in the property sector and start my career.

I think Manchester will help me towards this goal as it has taught me so many lessons over the past four years - in particular, dealing with a range of different people, whether this be in friendships, relationships or in general.

On tips for future students

My main tip for future students would just be to enjoy it. It sounds cliché but it really is true. University goes by so fast that you forget how quickly your time has gone. Four years for me has gone by in a blink of an eye and I would do anything to go back to the first year.

Secondly, I would say learn to create a balance between work and play. It is possible, but it does take a lot of work. You can achieve great grades and also have a good social life - but you will have to put in the effort.

I would also say, don’t worry about feeling homesick as there are so many people, whether that’s friends, family, other students, a university counsellor, heads of places of worship, that are always there and a lot of the time - they have felt the same.

You really are only young once, and although work can sometimes get on top of you, I tend to try and remember that to be in this position in the first place means that we are incredibly privileged, this usually allows me to look from a different perspective and feel less stressed and more grateful.