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School of Environment, Education and Development

Education for all

We recruit from the most academically talented students in the UK and overseas, but we know that academic talent and ability can come from all backgrounds.

We’re committed to making access to our courses as fair and equitable as possible and we achieve that in a number of different ways.

Adult learners

Two prospective students
Schools and colleges are encouraged to get in touch with our Widening Participation team to find out about our outreach projects and events.

We know that many of our students don’t come to us straight from school or college, and we welcome the diversity and experience that brings to our community. This may mean that you don’t have the standard qualifications that you’ll see stated in our entry requirements.

Our applications process can take this into account by offering an alternative entry route, for example, by considering a far broader range of qualifications than simply A-Levels, asking you to come in for an interview, or to sit an entry exam relating to your chosen subject. If this is something you’d like to explore with us, please let us know.

Bursaries and scholarships

We award cash bursaries to the most talented of our entrants via the McLoughlin Planning and Environmental Management Merit Award and the Herbertson Geography Merit Award.

These awards consist of £1,000 cash, paid following registration on the course, in recognition of outstanding performance at A-Level, International Baccalaureate and GCSEs, or equivalent qualifications.  

No application for the bursary is needed, as all entrants are automatically assessed on the basis of their academic performance and UCAS application.

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Outreach activities

We work with the University’s Undergraduate Recruitment and Widening Participation Team to deliver a rich variety of outreach activities designed to raise awareness of our courses and to de-mystify university and the applications process.

We visit schools and colleges both in the North West and further afield and welcome school students of all ages onto our campus to learn more about the subjects we teach and research.

If you’d like to discover our subjects and our University, let us know. We can inform you about group activities already scheduled or make an individual arrangement for you to meet our lecturers, tour our facilities and campus or even have a taster of our lectures, tutorials and practical work in our workshops and labs.

If you’re a teacher, careers adviser, local authority worker or an educational manager in a different setting, you might find it helpful to visit the University’s information on our activities for supporting students in their progression into Higher Education. If you’d like to visit our School or have an idea for an event that would work for your school or college, let us know – we’re happy to help.

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