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School of Environment, Education and Development

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MA Digital Technologies, Communication and Education
Develop skills to manage and rapid technological change and its effect on education.

MA Digital Technologies, Communication and Education / Careers

Year of entry: 2018

Career opportunities

Graduates from the course can follow a number of career paths: some continue to work in their existing posts, but often with enhanced status; some move into teacher education, materials development, publishing, the media, managing self-access facilities, testing and assessment, research; some set up their own businesses. Alternatively, graduates may use the programme as a springboard into further study, eventually leading to a PhD.

For example, we quote one student who previously studied on this course:

I was employed with my Master's degree at the Arab Open University. It is a non-profit Higher Education Institution established mainly to enable those who missed the chance of attending the University to pursue their higher education through distance learning. I I've planned two modules for this semester. One is Education and ICT, the other is Using Computer Software in Education. I'm using the best that I have experienced in Manchester to construct stimulating courses.