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School of Environment, Education and Development

Mural depicting architecture painted on wall in Bangladesh
MSc International Development: Public Policy and Management
Acquire skills in public policy formulation and implementation, with a solid development economics underpinning.

MSc International Development: Public Policy and Management / Careers

Year of entry: 2018

Career opportunities

The course is intended primarily for those with experience of the public sector and those involved in public policy formulation and implementation. The nature of the course also ensures that graduates are well equipped to pursue careers in the public sector or in public policy and development as researchers, advisers or consultants.

The Global Development Institute (GDI) has a large and diverse postgraduate population, including a large number of students from outside the UK (85% of our students are drawn from outside the UK, particularly from Africa, Asia and Western Europe, but also reaching out to Latin America, the Middle East, North America and the Pacific). Many of our alumni have gone on to prestigious careers in the public service or in the NGO/charitable and private sectors, as policy officers, managers, consultants or development practitioners - while others have pursued further academic study leading to a PhD and academic careers. Since its foundation, GDI has trained over 7000 individuals from 170 different countries.