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School of Environment, Education and Development

Master's students at The University of Manchester
PGCE Secondary Economics and Business Education
Train to teach secondary level Economics and Business and gain Qualified Teacher Status.

PGCE Secondary Economics and Business Education / Careers

Year of entry: 2018

Career opportunities

On completion of your PGCE and being granted qualified teaching status (QTS), you will work for a year as a newly qualified teacher (NQT). We keep in touch with our former students and continue to support them throughout their NQT year.

A Secondary Economics with Business Education PGCE from the University of Manchester is a valued qualification regionally, nationally and internationally.  You will be given clear direction, advice and support when making applications for teaching posts and our employment rates are consistently high. The number of students studying A/AS level Economics is rising and as such, economics is becoming a shortage subject in terms of recruitment.  Over 90% of our Secondary Business Education PGCE graduates in 2015 were in a teaching post within six months of completing the course.