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School of Environment, Education and Development

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MEd Psychology of Education
Learn how the core areas of psychology can be applied to education with this accredited master's.

MEd Psychology of Education / Careers

Year of entry: 2018

Career opportunities

As the MEd confers eligibility for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Status from the British Psychological Society, a career pathway for our graduates is professional training as a psychologist (e.g. Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology) and we have a good conversion rate in this regard with recent MEd graduates accepted onto doctorate-level training in educational, clinical and counselling psychology. The knowledge and skills gained by psychology graduates means that they are highly regarded by employers (Higher Education Careers Services Unit, November 2010) for work in areas such as health and social care, marketing and PR, management and human resources, education, and the public sector. Many of our graduates use the skills they have acquired to gain promotion or develop their existing careers, whilst others take the opportunity to change profession, for example, moving into teaching, research  or working  as assistant psychologists and in related positions (e.g. child and adolescent mental health worker). A small number of students go on to study for a doctorate by research (PhD) in educational psychology (which in itself opens a career pathway to working as a researcher or lecturer in higher education). More information about careers may be found on the BPS website .