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Academic staff

Prof Mel Ainscow
Emeritus Professor

Dr Alison Alborz
Senior Lecturer in Education

Miss Zahra Alijah
Lecturer in Education

Prof Michael Apple
Honorary Professor

Dr Rosa Archer
Senior Lecturer in Education

Dr Paul Armstrong
Lecturer in Education (Leadership and Management)

Dr Cathy Atkinson
Lecturer in Educational and Child Psychology

Dr Liz Ballinger
Lecturer in Education (Counselling)

Dr Alexander Baratta
Lecturer in Education (Language, Linguistics and Communication)

Research specialisms: Language and identity; Linguistic prejudice; Intercultural communication; Academic writing; Visual pedagogy

Dr Alexandra Barlow
Research Associate

Mrs Karen Beswick
Lecturer in Education (Primary)

Research specialisms: Assessment in higher education; Initial teacher education; Primary science and design technology; Teaching and learning in primary and higher education

Dr Laura Black
Senior Lecturer in Education

Research specialisms: Mathematics education; Identity; Early childhood; Social theories of learning

Prof Caroline Bond
Senior Lecturer in Educational and Child Psychology

Mr Howard Bond
Lecturer (Management, Leadership and Leisure)

Ms Jo Bragg
Research Associate

Mr George Brooks
Teaching Fellow

Ms Susan Brown
Lecturer in Education

Mr Rob Buck
Lecturer in Education (Science Education)

Mr Peadar Buckley
Honorary Fellow

Prof Erica Burman
Professor of Education

Ms Kimberley Burrell
Research Support Assistant

Dr Sophina Choudry
Presidential Academic Fellow

Research specialisms: Mathematics education; Sociology of education; Teaching and learning; Social statistics; Social inequality

Dr Steven Courtney
Senior Lecturer in Management and Leadership

Mrs Louisa Dawes
Teaching Fellow

Miss Ola Demkowicz
Lecturer in Psychology of Education

Tom Donnai
Teaching Fellow (History)

Professor Alan Dyson
Professor of Education

Dr Carl Emery
Research Fellow

Prof Linda Evans
Professor of Education

Prof Peter Farrell
Professor Emeritus

Ms Miriam Firth
Senior Lecturer (Management, Leadership and Leisure)

Dr Richard Fay
Senior Lecturer in Education (TESOL and Intercultural Communication)

Mrs Anna Foster
Teaching Fellow

Dr Amanda Banks Gatenby
Lecturer in Digital Technologies and Communication in Education

Ms Susan Goldrick
Research Associate

Prof Helen Gunter
Professor of Education Policy

Research specialisms: Education policy; Political studies; Knowledge production; Education leadership; Critical theory

Prof David Hall
Honorary Professional Research Fellow

Dr Terry Hanley
Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychology

Dr Alexandra Hennessey
Lecturer in Psychology of Education

Dr Diane Harris
Research Associate

Mr Laurence Hicks
Teaching Fellow

Mr Bob Hindle
Lecturer in Education

Research specialisms: Education policy; Prevent duty

Dr Lise Hopwood
Teaching Fellow

Dr Andy Howes
Senior Lecturer in Education

Ms Ceri Hughes
Research Associate

Dr John Hull
Teaching Fellow

Prof Neil Humphrey
Professor of Psychology of Education

Dr Graeme Hutcheson
Lecturer in Education

Mark Innes
Teaching Fellow (English)

Dr Sara Jackson
Teaching Fellow (Teach First)

Mr Aleksander Jedrosz
Honorary Fellow

Research specialisms: Science education; School architecture; Teacher education; School leadership structures

Prof Steve Jones
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: Higher education; Education policy; Discourse analysis

Afroditi Kalambouka
Research Assistant

Mr John Keen
Lecturer in Education (PGCE English)

Mrs Carmel Kellett
PGCE Secondary English Tutor

Dr Catherine Kelly
Lecturer in Education and Child Psychology

Mr Martin Kelly
Professional Studies Course Leader

Dr Kirstin Kerr
Senior Lecturer in Education

Dr Ann Lendrum
Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Education

Dr Miguel Antonio Lim
Lecturer in Education

Research specialisms: Higher education; International education; Transnational education; Rankings and metrics; Higher education diplomacy

Dr Sylvie Lomer
Lecturer in Education

Prof Ruth Lupton
Professor of Education

Dr Eric Lybeck
Research Fellow

Dr Sarah MacQuarrie
Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Education

Miss Tee McCaldin
Lecturer in Educational Leadership and Management

Dr Ruth Mcginity
Honorary Research Fellow

Prof Olwen Mcnamara
Professor Emeritus

Dr Susie Miles
Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education

Dr Jenna Mittelmeier
Lecturer in Education (International)

Research specialisms: Higher education; International students' experiences; Curriculum internationalisation; Social transitions in higher education; Research methods

Mrs Sian Morgan
Lecturer in Education

Dr Gary Motteram
Senior Lecturer in Education

Research specialisms: Teacher education; Distance education; Challenging contexts; Technology-enhanced language learning; Mobile learning

Dr Lisa Murtagh
Senior Lecturer in Education

Dr Michael O'Donoghue
Senior Lecturer

Dr Zeynep Onat-Stelma
Lecturer in Education

Dr Margarita Panayiotou
Research Associate

Dr Maria Pampaka
Lecturer in Education

Dr Anthony Parnell
Honorary Fellow

Miss Rebecca Phillips
Senior Lecturer in Education (Primary PGCE)

Dr Josef Ploner
Lecturer in International and Comparative Education

Dr Kelly Pickard-Smith
Research Associate

Dr Pauline Prevett
MEd Special and Inclusive Education

Prof Pamela Qualter
Professor of Education

Dr Stephen Rayner
Lecturer in Education Leadership

Prof Carlo Raffo
Professor of Urban Education

Dr Debbie Ralls
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Mrs Karen Roberts
Teaching Fellow (Modern Languages)

Ms Kate Sapin
Teaching Fellow

Mrs Diane Slaouti
Senior Lecturer

Dr David Spendlove
Professor of Education

Research specialisms: Initial teacher education; Teaching and learning; Creative and design education; Technology education; Assessment

Dr Garry Squires
Senior Lecturer (Educational Psychology)

Research specialisms: Applied educational psychology; Special educational needs; Inclusion; Mental health and therapeutic interventions; Evaluating school-based interventions

Dr Juup Stelma
Senior Lecturer in Education (TESOL)

Dr Janette Stothard
Lecturer in Education and Child Psychology

Dr David Swanson
Research Associate and PGCE Secondary Mathematics Tutor

Jonathan Tolan
Teaching Fellow (Maths)

Prof Gajendra Verma
Emeritus Professor

Ms Lesley Warr
Programme Director BA Management, Leadership and Leisure

Prof Etienne Wenger-Trayner
Honorary Professor of Education

Prof Mel West
Professor of Education

Dr Drew Whitworth
Reader in Education

Research specialisms: Digital literacy; Information literacy; Distance learning; Critical theory; Staff development

Dr Michael Wigelsworth
Senior Lecturer (Psychology of Education)

Prof Julian Williams
Professor of Education

Dr Laura Winter
Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychology

Research specialisms: Social justice; Inequality; Emotional well-being; Counselling psychology

Mr Lawrence Wo
Research Assistant

Prof Kevin Woods
Professor of Educational and Child Psychology

Dr Diane Harris
Research Associate