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Manchester Institute of Education


The Manchester Institute of Education has 65 teaching and research staff with a broad range of research interests, teaching experience and expertise.

Our successes are made possible by the hard work and creativity of our staff, who are leading experts in education and have a broad range of knowledge in their respective fields.

Academic staff

  • Prof Mel Ainscow - Emeritus Professor
  • Dr Alison Alborz - Senior Lecturer in Education
  • Miss Zahra Alijah - Lecturer in Education
  • Prof Michael Apple - Honorary Professor
  • Dr Rosa Archer - Senior Lecturer in Education
  • Dr Paul Armstrong - Lecturer in Education (Leadership and Management)
  • Dr Cathy Atkinson - Lecturer in Educational and Child Psychology
  • Dr Liz Ballinger - Lecturer in Education (Counselling)
  • Dr Alexander Baratta - Lecturer in Education (Language, Linguistics and Communication)
  • Dr Alexandra Barlow - Research Associate
  • Dr Laura Black - Senior Lecturer in Education
  • Dr Caroline Bond - Senior Lecturer in Educational and Child Psychology
  • Mr Howard Bond - Lecturer (Management, Leadership and Leisure)
  • Ms Jo Bragg - Research Associate
  • Mr George Brooks - Teaching Fellow
  • Ms Susan Brown - Lecturer in Education
  • Mr Rob Buck – Lecturer in Education (Science Education)
  • Mr Peadar Buckley – Honorary Fellow
  • Prof Erica Burman - Professor of Education
  • Ms Kimberley Burrell – Research Support Assistant
  • Dr Sophina Choudry – Research Fellow
  • Dr Steven Courtney - Senior Lecturer in Management and Leadership
  • Mrs Louisa Dawes – Teaching Fellow and Director of Teach First PGCE
  • Tom Donnai –Teaching Fellow (History)
  • Professor Alan Dyson - Professor of Education
  • Dr Carl Emery - Research Fellow
  • Prof Linda Evans - Professor of Education
  • Prof Peter Farrell - Professor Emeritus
  • Ms Miriam Firth – Lecturer (Management, Leadership and Leisure)
  • Dr Richard Fay - Lecturer in Education (TESOL and Intercultural Communication); Programme Director MA in Intercultural Communication
  • Mrs Anna Foster – Teaching Fellow
  • Dr Amanda Banks Gatenby - Lecturer in Digital Technologies and Communication in Education
  • Ms Susan Goldrick - Centre for Equity : Research Associate
  • Prof Helen Gunter - Professor of Education Policy and Critical Education Policy and Leadership (CEPaLs) Lead
  • Prof David Hall - Honorary Professional Research Fellow
  • Dr Terry Hanley - Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychology
  • Dr Diane Harris - Research Associate
  • Mr Laurence Hicks - Teaching Fellow
  • Dr Lise Hopwood - Teaching Fellow
  • Dr Andy Howes - Senior Lecturer in Education and Director of Secondary PGCE
  • Ms Ceri Hughes – Research Associate
  • Dr John Hull – Teaching Fellow
  • Prof Neil Humphrey - Head of Institute and Professor of Psychology of Education
  • Dr Graeme Hutcheson - Lecturer in Education
  • Mark Innes – Teaching Fellow (English)
  • Dr Sara Jackson – Teaching Fellow (Teach First)
  • Mr Aleksander Jedrosz - Honorary Fellow
  • Dr Steve Jones - Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Afroditi Kalambouka - Research Assistant
  • Mr John Keen - Lecturer in Education (PGCE English)
  • Mrs Carmel Kellett - PGCE Secondary English Tutor
  • Dr Catherine Kelly – Lecturer in Education and Child Psychology
  • Mr Martin Kelly - Professional Studies Course Leader/ Admissions Tutor
  • Dr Kirstin Kerr - Senior Lecturer in Education
  • Dr Ann Lendrum - Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Education
  • Dr Miguel Antonio Lim - Lecturer in Education
  • Dr Sylvie Lomer - Lecturer in Education
  • Prof Ruth Lupton - Professor of Education
  • Dr Sarah MacQuarrie - Lecturer in Psychology of Education
  • Dr Ruth Mcginity - Honorary Research Fellow
  • Prof Olwen Mcnamara - Professor Emeritus
  • Dr Susie Miles - Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education
  • Mrs Sian Morgan - Lecturer in Education
  • Dr Gary Motteram - Senior Lecturer in Education
  • Dr Lisa Murtagh – Senior Lecturer in Education
  • Dr Michael O'Donoghue - Lecturer
  • Dr Zeynep Onat - Stelma - Lecturer in Education
  • Dr Margarita Panayiotou – Research Associate
  • Dr Maria Pampaka - Lecturer in Education
  • Dr Anthony Parnell – Honorary Fellow
  • Miss Rebecca Phillips - Lecturer in Education (Primary PGCE)
  • Ms Kelly Pickard-Smith – Research Associate
  • Dr Pauline Prevett - M.Ed Special and Inclusive Education
  • Prof Pamela Qualter - Professor of Education
  • Dr Stephen Rayner - Lecturer in Education Leadership
  • Prof Carlo Raffo - Professor of Urban Education and Disadvantage and Poverty (DP) Lead
  • Mrs Karen Roberts - Teaching Fellow (Modern Languages)
  • Ms Kate Sapin - Teaching Fellow
  • Mrs Diane Slaouti - Senior Lecturer / MIE Principal Student Advisor
  • Dr David Spendlove - Senior Lecturer and Head of ITET
  • Dr Garry Squires - Senior Lecturer (Educational Psychology)
  • Dr Juup Stelma - Lecturer in Education (TESOL) and MIE Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Dr Janette Stothard - Lecturer in Education and Child Psychology
  • Dr David Swanson – Research Associate
  • Jonathan Tolan – Teaching Fellow (Maths)
  • Prof Gajendra Verma – Emeritus Professor
  • Ms Lesley Warr - Programme Director BA (Hons) Management, Leadership and Leisure
  • Prof Etienne Wenger-Trayner - Honorary Professor of Education
  • Prof Mel West - Professor of Education
  • Dr Drew Whitworth - Reader
  • Dr Michael Wigelsworth - Senior Lecturer (Psychology of Education) and Special Educational and Additional Needs (SEAN) Lead
  • Prof Julian Williams - Professor of Education and Critical Pedagogies (CP) Lead
  • Dr Laura Winter - Lecturer in Counselling Psychology
  • Mr Lawrence Wo - Research Assistant
  • Prof Kevin Woods - Professor of Educational and Child Psychology / MIE Research Director

Honorary and visiting fellows

We are privileged to have had some of the world's leading researchers work with us over the years.

Professor Michael Apple

Professor Apple is John Bascom Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies at Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

He works on the limits and possibilities of critical educational policy and practice in a time of conservative restoration.

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Professor Chris Chapman

Professor Chapman was Visiting Professor for 2013 and collaborated with the Manchester Institute of Education.

Professor Chapman is widely known for his work on school improvement, new structures of schooling and school leadership.

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Professor Andy Hargreaves

Professor Hargreaves is the Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College.

The mission of the Chair is to promote social justice and connect theory and practice in education.

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Professor Shane Jimerson

Professor Jimerson is at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.

Professor Jimerson is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and is an expert in traumatic stress with specialization in working with children, families, and schools.

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Professor Shi Jinghuan

Professor Shi Jinghuan is Executive Dean of the School of Education in Tsinghua University, China.

She is the architect of the Chinese version of NSS, and was Secretary to the Ministerial Committee set up to review the progress of education reforms in China.

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Professor Ann Lieberman

Professor Lieberman was Simon Visiting Professor in 2014.

Professor Lieberman is widely known for her work in teacher leadership and development, collaborative research, networks and school-university partnerships, and the problems and prospects for understanding educational change.

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Professor Lejf Moos

Professor Moos is at the Danish University of Education, Copenhagen, where he is Director of the Research Programme on Professional and Vocational Development and Leadership.

He works in the area of school improvement and effectiveness and is the President of ICSEI.

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Professor John Smyth

Professor John Smyth is Research Professor of Education, University of Ballarat, Australia.

He works in socially critical policy regarding schooling, social justice and community activism. Methodologically he is known for his work on socially critical policy ethnographies of communities and schools.

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Professor Dolf van Veen

Professor van Veen is Director of the National Centre on Education and Youth Care, The Netherlands and Holland University, at the Centre on Urban Education and Youth Policy.

His work focuses on policy strategies and innovative programmes serving vulnerable children and families.

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Professor Etienne Wenger

Professor Wenger is an independent thinker, researcher, consultant, author, and speaker.

He is mostly known for his work on communities of practice and his work focuses on social learning systems.

He is working on the relationship between knowledge, community, learning and identity.

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