Current PhD students

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NameThesis title
Ainur Suranchina An ethnographic account of enhancing teaching and learning practices in a case study university in Kazakhstan
Alisha O'Neill A longitudinal study exploring the development and significance of blame placement in relation to help-seeking tendencies in a school environment
Amal Hamid English in Pakistan's Education System: A Tool for Social Mobility or Social Exclusion?
Amelia Ryder Transformative learning through art and creativity 
Anbreen Ulfat A critical review of adult students' educational identities who Receive a Diagnostic Assessment of a SpLD, Dyslexia: Implications for Practice.
Annie O'Brien Passport to Success
Aysenur Gucbilmez In what ways can a dyslexia-friendly classroom approach benefit students with dyslexia?
Beatrice Halstead Why do successful teachers work in failing schools? A study of+D62 one local authority?
Bing Liu Building World-Class Universities in China: Strategies and Influences at a Famous Chinese University
Bobbie Dutton An Evaluation of the Crisis Care Pathway within the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership
Bowen Zhang Rethinking the role of Chinese international students in an age of globalisation 
Busra Besdere The Impact of Two Different Level Balanced Design Professional Development Program on Autistic Students' Educational Outcomes in Primary Mainstream School
Carla Mason Investigating the factors that predict teacher's implementation of universal, schoolbased MH interventions
Chi Zhang Development, calibration, and evaluation of a Chinese measure of mathematics transmissionism pedagogy
Choen Yin Chan An Intercultural Study of Intergenerational Relationships and Cultural Identity of UK Chinese Families
Chu-Yang Chang Investigating the impact of AR/VR project-based learning on secondary school students' digital literacy: A longitudinal and mixed-method study
Daian Huang Internationalisation Abroad and at a Distance: Comparing the Transition Experiences of International Students Studying at UK Higher Education Institutions
Desmaliza An evaluation of the i-THRIVE system within the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership
Devi Khanna Greater Manchester Young People's Wellbeing Programme Research
Disi Ai Third language learning, multiculturalism and identity: ethnic minority students in IMAR of China', which aims to contribute original findings on the multilingualism and identity of L3 acquisition in the IMAR and documents how L3 development influences speakers' identification with their ethnic group and with the target communities
Edmund Aspbury The Structure of the Student World: Using Heidegger's 'Being-in-the-World', to Explore behaviour in the Language Learning Environment
Emilia Howker Developing hybrid activities through home-school dialogue in disadvantaged communities
Emily Banwell An evaluation of the i-THRIVE system within the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership
Esther Cummins To what extent (if at all) does the hidden curriculum in faith schools support the outworking of the Prevent strategy?
Fangfang Hong Exploring students' intercultural academic experiences in Manchester through the facilitation of visual art activities
Fatema Al Hussain Job Satisfaction and Stress among Special Needs Teachers working with Dyslexic Students: A case study in Saudi Arabia
Georgina Nnamani Preventing School Failures: the critical analysis of education policies in primary and post-primary education across the UK, Ireland and Canada and their effects in enhancing the social inclusion of learners with dyslexia in the formal education setting
Gillian Egeli  
Hannah Ruth Mccarthy An exploration of the relationship between 'T-Levels' and professional identities within Further Education
Huda Ahmed Factors affecting the academic attainment of Yemeni boys in the UK
Huili Si Towards Isomorphic Changes--- the Case of Chinese Private international Higher Education Institutions 
Huran Mirillo The Experiences of 'Migrating Faculty': Narrative and Ecological Perspectives 
Huseyin Ulukuz Use of Augmented Reality for Context-Aware Informal Learning
Ignacio Wyman San Martín Improving Public School Systems from the Bottom: School Networking in the Context of the 'New Public Education, Policy'
Jane Goodland How are individual students' experiences of dialogic maths learning shaping and shaped by their identities over the course of secondary maths education?
Janice Shaw Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing as a Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and an Exploration of its Relationship to Personal Construct Psychology
Jia Song Effect of Working Memory Training on Children's Literacy Skills: A mixed methods study
Jing Wang How do traditional culture and modern social context shape home numeracy environment for pre-school children in China: A case study in Henan Province
Joanne Taberner Relationships between personality and mental toughness among Early Career Teachers in England
Jonathan Herbert Young people and technology: Choice, agency and power.
Ka Hei Lei The Relationship between Mathematics Self-Efficacy and Academic Performance: The Role of Task Difficulty Perception in a Cross-Cultural Perspective
Karen Healey Deconstructing New Public Management through the lens of school governance: policies of social transformation or methods of social control?
Lauren Burke  
Leo Markatis Gendering the posthuman child through fantasy literature
Limanzi Xu Exploring the Chinese Government Scholarship Policies and the Chinese Scholarship Council - A Practical Analysis of China's Public Graduate Program for Building 'Highly Qualified Universities'
Luan Carpes Barros Cassal "Who defends the queer child?" - A study with trans teenagers on gender recognition at schools
Luman Zhou Postgraduate students' problems in academic writing: case studies at a UK university 
Mariyam Anaa Hassan Food (in)security in Small Island States: A study of Maldives
Menaka Serres Cultural Representation, Inclusivity, and Learner Agency in High School Education for Latinx Students in London
Mohammed Amejee  
Myumyune Murtalib Wellbeing in the classroom: An examination of teachers' wellbeing and it's implication for practice 
Nasharil Nazrin Ramli Assessment, Practice and Policy: Mobilising Bourdieu's Concept of Capital and Habitus towards Understanding The Relationship Between The Malaysian English Language Subject Assessment and Educational Reproduction
Nay Myo Htet A Study of 'Quality Education' with Mon Ethnic Youths in Myanmar
Nicholas Quartey Cognitive and emotive reactions to 'default' transitioning to difficult academic learning
Nicole Sher Coping with adversity in the context of COVID-19: An exploration of the role of resilience and attachment for adolescents, educational practitioners and parents
Nur Amalina Binti Miskon Integrating visual arts (drawing) into dialogic reflection framework (SETT) as a reflective tool for in-service teachers
Parise Carmichael-Murphy Adolescent boys, social stress and (dis)engagement in education
Pauline Brown Beyond Pupil Premium: Poverty and Disadvantage in Northern schools
Pinyan Lin The Shift of Primary Education: A Study of Education Collectivisation in China
Qing Qiu The effects of study-abroad experience on Chinese in-service EFL teachers identity: A dialogical approach
Raichael Lock Empowering children to becomes agents of socio-environmental change 
Rebecca Grant Lessons from 'odds-beating' schools: understanding how schools serving disadvantaged areas achieve good outcomes
Rebecca Simpson-Hargreaves Examining Young Children's Responses to Human Rights Picture Books
Said Al Furqani Internationalization of Higher Education Through the lens of Global Citizenship 
Samantha Ballington De-radicalising 'Prevent': Encouraging Discussion and Connected Participation through the development of anonymous online communities
Sandra Clare Education and Social Supports for Young Mums
Sara Allnjawi Interacting in a Gamified Online Environment: The Impact of Rewards' Timing with Cognitive Styles on Enhancing Students' Academic Performance and Persistence in the Saudi Context
Sarah Bibi Teacher wellbeing in England: a critical evaluation of the correlative relationship between school leadership and teacher wellbeing
Sini Wu A Study of the Social-Justice Implications of a New Policy Regulating Extended Education in China
Siqi Sun Chinese students' employment journey: A longitudinal study of one-year taught postgraduate students studying at UK higher education institutions
Sohrab Rezvani Solidarity in Critical Situations - studying conduct of everyday life of climate change activists
Steven Priddis Information Literacy (IL) within taught degree apprenticeship programmes (UK) 
Suzanne Hamilton  
Thomas Fryer Equitable access to university: the opportunities and barriers for ethnic groups in Kenya
Victoria Hirst Cradle-to-Career School Designs: Learning from insider experiences
Weiyuan Wu Investigating the Lived Experiences of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) School Teachers in Mainland China
Xian Zhao The Intercultural Learning Experiences of Chinese International Students in the UK Higher Education
Yaqiao Liu From local to global: how study abroad programs influence students' perception of citizenship education and cultivate global citizenship
Yilan Guo Chinese international students' engagement in multicultural group work at a UK university
Ying Yang The Effect of Changes ii Employee Group E.I. On Business Productivity In A Service Sector Chinese Work Environment
Yixuan Zheng Loneliness and Teacher-Student Relationships: A Cross-Cultural Study exploring differences between United Kingdom and Mainland China
Yizhuo Lu  
Yuhan Wu A critical exploration of teacher and student perceptions of 'Boy Crisis' in Chinese education
Zahra Alijah Understanding the evolution of child exploitation safeguarding agenda for children and young people: Towards a new framework 
Zeya Li Identity Construction in Senior Female Leaders in Higher Education in a Period of Social Change in China
Zhuo Sun Research on the English education policy of Chinese higher education under the impact of international university rankings
Zhuoran You Investigating Diverse Roles Students Develop in Dialogues for Collaborative Knowledge Building in an Online Learning Community