Current PhD students

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NameThesis title
Abate Kenna Interactive maths games: Mathematical generalisation and higher-order thinking
Afrah Alkhalaf Learner-generated context for ecological sustainability
Alisha O'Neill A longitudinal study exploring the development and significance of blame placement in relation to help-seeking tendencies in a school environment 
Amelia Ryder Transformative learning through art and creativity 
Anbreen Ulfat A critical review of adult students' educational identities who Receive a Diagnostic Assessment of an SpLD
Artemis Christinaki Deconstructing community psychology: A case study of the community dynamics in refugee camps of Greece
Aysenur Gucbilmez In what ways can a dyslexia-friendly classroom approach benefit students with dyslexia?
Basemah Al-Senafi Policy and decision-making about assessment of English language for young learners in Kuwait
Beatrice Halstead  
Belinda Hughes An investigation into the Chief Executive Officer of a multi-academy trust in England
Bing Liu Building world-class universities in China: Strategies and influences at a famous Chinese university
Bobbie Dutton An evaluation of the crisis care pathway within the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership
Bowen Zhang  
Choen Yin Chan An intercultural study of intergenerational relationships and cultural identity of UK Chinese families 
Cristián Iturriaga Seguel Literacy discourse and practices in deaf education: The privileging and marginalizing of subjectivities
Daniel Alderson Constructions of discourse in group analytic perspectives of homosexuality 
Diana Ahmad Busra Professional development and change in ESL lecturers' pedagogical beliefs and actions about the role of technology in a Malaysian polytechnic context
Disi Ai Third language learning, multiculturalism and identity: ethnic minority students in IMAR of China
Dylan Williams Students' perceptions of English-medium instruction in South Korean higher education 
Edmund Aspbury The structure of the student world: Using Heidegger’s being-in-the-world, to explore behaviour in the language learning environment
Elizabeth Hale Responding to educational disadvantage: A case study of a complex, multi-faceted school strategy to mitigate the impacts of disadvantage on children's outcomes
Emilia Howker Developing hybrid activities through home-school dialogue in disadvantaged communities
Emily Banwell An evaluation of the i-THRIVE system within the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership
Esther Cummins To what extent (if at all) does the hidden curriculum in faith schools support the outworking of the Prevent strategy?
Fatema Al Hussain Job satisfaction and stress among special needs teachers working with dyslexic students: A case study in Saudi Arabia
Felix Kwihangana Exploring enabling factors and barriers for technology integration in pre-service language teacher training in Rwanda
Gillian Egeli  
Haleema Sadia Constructing identities through visual methods: Transitional narratives of female Pakistani students in Manchester
Heather Cockayne Learning to unlearn: An exploration of how Chinese PGT students navigate the academic and cultural challenges in UK HE
Huda Ahmed Factors affecting the academic attainment of Yemeni boys in the UK
Huili Si  
Huran Mirillo The experiences of 'migrating faculty': Narrative and ecological perspectives 
Huseyin Ulukuz Use of augmented reality for context-aware informal learning
Huw Morgan The impact of cognitive load theory and multimedia learning principles upon the learning experience of undergraduate accounting and finance students
Janice Shaw Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and an exploration of its relationship to personal construct psychology
Jessica Heal Social media and schoolgirl femininity: Power, performance and resistance 
Jonathan Herbert A narrative exploration of the impact of widespread internet access and ICT provision on educational attainment in white British boys from deprived areas of the UK
Ka Hei Lei The relationship between mathematics self-efficacy and academic performance: The role of task difficulty perception in a cross-cultural perspective
Kimberly Petersen An investigation to examine the longitudinal relationship between mental health and other domains of competence in primary school children
Kirsty Frearson Universal school-based prevention: Examining the impact of the good behaviour game on pupil outcomes in primary education
Krismiyati Krismiyati Teachers' intentionality in technology practice in an Indonesian context
Lada Smirnova Integrating technology into the university language classroom: A study of complexities and perezhivanie in teachers' experience
Laura Goodfellow Understanding proximal duty-bearer engagement with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)
Lily Verity  
Loretta Anthony-Okeke Crossing the bridge to independence: A study of Nigerian IFP students in private sixth form colleges in England
Louise Black Exploring the SEL logic model in relation to a dual-factor model of mental health
Luan Carpes Barros Cassal "Who defends the queer child?" A study with trans teenagers on gender recognition at schools
Luting Zhou A comparative study of language learning policies through play in the mainland of China, Hong Kong and Singapore: From teachers' perceptions
Mandy Pierlejewski Resisting datafication in early years foundation stage 
Martyn Edwards  
Mary Finn 'In a lucid and scholarly manner': A study of genre in doctoral theses in medical and human sciences
Mohammed Amejee  
Mohammed Khan  
Nafeesa Nizami Becoming a pre-trial therapist: A reflexive self and social inquiry
Neny Isharyanti Exploring Indonesian pre-service teachers' experiences and practices in using technology for teaching
Ola Demkowicz Investigating the relationship between cumulative risk exposure, resilience and mental health during early adolescence and how young people experience this process
Olga Dolganova Exploration of classroom cultures of learning in the Russian higher education context
Oluwatoyin Afolabi-Ajayi Investigating interactions within a collaborative research partnership: Impact on Early Childhood teacher's instructional practices
Omar Kaissi Disabled male corporeality at the school
Parise Carmichael-Murphy Adolescent boys, social stress and (dis)engagement in education
Pauline Brown Beyond pupil premium: Poverty and disadvantage in Northern schools
Raichael Lock  
Rebecca Grant Lessons from 'odds-beating' schools: Understanding how schools serving disadvantaged areas achieve good outcomes
Rebecca Phillips Home and school literacy practices of Somali children in year one of primary education: An analysis of the relationship
Rebecca Simpson-Hargreaves Examining young children's responses to human rights picture books
Rosie Mansfield Mental health promotion in schools
Said Al Furqani  
Samantha Ballington De-radicalising 'prevent': Encouraging discussion and connected participation through the development of anonymous online communities
Samar Albalawi Enlarging the space of science education
Sara Allnjawi Interacting in a gamified online environment: The impact of rewards’ timing with cognitive styles on enhancing students’ academic performance and persistence in the Saudi context
Sofia Eleftheriadou Collaboration problem solving and science teaching and learning
Tamsin Linehan-Mccaldin The experiences of students preparing for GCSE examinations while receiving teacher messages: An interpretative phenomenological analysis
Taslima Ivy Promoting student-centred pedagogic practice in Bangladeshi EFL multimedia classrooms
Timothy Greenwood Supporting innovation in inclusive practice in a higher education institution through the action research practice of 'learning history'
Tom Fryer  
Victoria Hirst Cradle-to-career school designs: Learning from insider experiences
Ying Yang  
Zahra Alijah