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NameThesis title
Afrah Alkhalaf Learner-generated context for ecological sustainability
Amelia Ryder TBC
Anbreen Ulfat A critical review of adult students' educational identities who Receive a Diagnostic Assessment of an SpLD
Aysenur Gucbilmez In what ways can a dyslexia-friendly classroom approach benefit students with dyslexia?
Beatrice Halstead TBC
Bing Liu TBC
Bobbie Dutton TBC
Bowen Zhang TBC
Cristián Iturriaga Seguel Literacy discourse and practices in deaf education: The privileging and marginalizing of subjectivities
Disi Ai TBC
Edmund Aspbury TBC
Elizabeth Hale Responding to educational disadvantage: A case study of a complex, multi-faceted school strategy to mitigate the impacts of disadvantage on children's outcomes
Emily Banwell TBC
Esther Cummins To what extent (if at all) does the hidden curriculum in faith schools support the outworking of the Prevent strategy?
Fatema Al Hussain Job satisfaction and stress among special needs teachers working with dyslexic students: A case study in Saudi Arabia
Huda Ahmed Factors affecting the academic attainment of Yemeni boys in the UK
Huili Si TBC
Huseyin Ulukuz Use of augmented reality for context-aware informal learning
Lily Verity TBC
Luan Carpes Barros Cassal TBC
Luting Zhou A comparative study of language learning policies through play in the mainland of China, Hong Kong and Singapore: From teachers' perceptions
Mandy Pierlejewski TBC
Martyn Edwards TBC
Ola Demkowicz Investigating the relationship between cumulative risk exposure, resilience and mental health during early adolescence and how young people experience this process
Omar Kaissi Disabled male corporeality at the school
Parise Carmichael-Murphy TBC
Pauline Brown TBC
Rebecca Simpson-Hargreaves TBC
Said Al Furqani TBC
Samantha Ballington TBC
Sara Allnjawi TBC
Taslima Ivy Promoting student-centred pedagogic practice in Bangladeshi EFL multimedia classrooms
Tom Fryer TBC
Ying Yang TBC