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Manchester Institute of Education

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Careers and employability

As well as forming a broad knowledge of education, your ability to work confidently in professional educational environments will ensure you’re ready to step into your chosen career.

Our Education degrees will also strengthen your skillset in areas such as written and oral communication, intercultural awareness, proficiency in research and project management - all vital in a variety of careers.

What do Education graduates do?

Education graduates are well-equipped for careers in:

  • child and adolescent counselling;
  • educational officer training for local authorities;
  • primary and early years education;
  • roles in non-governmental organisations (NGOs) focused on community education;
  • special needs teaching;
  • teaching English as a second language;
  • youth work.

Who employs our Education graduates?

We work closely with a number of partner schools and organisations to ensure our students are able to familiarise themselves with educational environments and systems whilst putting their knowledge into practice.

During your degree, you will undertake work experience or research placements, supervised by academic support staff.

Whilst these placements typically sit within schools, students may find themselves working in adult education, further education, higher education or community-based learning organisations. Placements can be carried out both within the UK and overseas. Our graduates have excelled in a number of industries, including:

  • consultancy;
  • higher education;
  • hospitality;
  • local and central government;
  • management;
  • marketing;
  • public relations;
  • retail;
  • sports management. 

Contact us

  • Shirley Jenner - Associate Director for Employability and Professional Learning, SEED
  • Caroline Everson - Careers Manager, Faculty of Humanities
  • Alex Baratta - Employability Lead, BA English Language for Education