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Academic staff

Dr Kim Förster
Lecturer in Architectural Studies

Research specialisms: Environmental histories of architecture, landscape and the urban; Archives of (energy) transition and the geopolitics of cement and sustainability genealogy of architectural culture and pedagogy

Prof Deljana Iossifova
Professor of Architecture and Urban Studies

Research specialisms: Global urban transformations; Sustainable infrastructure transitions; Urban borderlands and coexistence; Urban ageing; Emerging urban phenomena

Dr Alan Lewis
Senior Lecturer in Architectural Studies

Research specialisms: Health and wellbeing; Older people's housing; Building users' experience; Social construction of building users; Design standards

Dr Leandro Minuchin
Senior Lecturer

Dr Łukasz Stanek
Professor of Architectural History

Research specialisms: Materialist epistemologies of architecture; Architecture in the global Cold War; Mobilities of architecture: people, materials, technologies, images; Postcolonial architecture in West Africa and the Middle East; GIS-based architectural historiography

Dr Léa-Catherine Szacka
Senior Lecturer in Architectural Studies

Research specialisms: Architecture curating and the history of architecture exhibitions; Postmodern architecture; Ephemeral architecture in the 19th and 20th century; Oral history; Media and architecture

Huda Tayob
Lecturer in Architectural Studies

Dr Stephen Walker
Professor of Architectural Humanities

Research specialisms: Art and architecture; Fairgrounds and temporary architectures; Critical theory; Visual research methods; Architecture and the body

Matthew Wells
Lecturer in Architectural Studies

Prof Albena Yaneva
Professor in Architectural Theory

Research specialisms: The relational turn in architecture; Pragmatist philosophy and architecture; ANT politics of design and urban controversies; Anthropology of design and construction practice; Architectural collections

Research associates

Dr Debapriya Chakrabarti
ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Professional support staff

Scott Miller
Workshop Technician

Research specialisms: The use of modelmaking in architectural education and practice; The history and origins of architectural modelmaking

Saul Parker-Backhouse
Workshop Assistant