Individuals and teams from Architecture have been or are involved in many research projects that have a significant impact.

  • Alan Lewis is working with Public Health England to produce guidance for care workers on how to protect older occupants during heatwaves through the correct operation of heating systems and the provision of adequate ventilation and solar shading.
  • Deljana Iossifova is leading a £1.3million international research portfolio identifying the sustainability outcomes of infrastructural transformations and transitions in the Global East (China, Japan, Bulgaria) and South (IndiaBrazil). Transdisciplinary research activities include creative interventions (such as the development of digital tools) with the potential to improve health and wellbeing in marginalised communities.
  • Kim Forster is engaging in discussions on issues of energy and resource with Portuguese architects, activists, and academics as part of a project commissioned by Galerias Municipais de Lisboa and the Common Room.
  • Leandro Minuchin is responding to the COVID-19 crisis in Rosario, Argentina, exploring the material and virtual adaptations made by social movements, neighbourhood organizations, and public agencies.
  • Lukasz Stanek has won a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) award for a book investigating the collaboration between Eastern European architects, planners, and construction workers with those in West Africa and the Middle East during the Cold War.

Learn more about out how our research has been making a difference through our case studies below.