Current PhD students

Meet and be inspired by our Architecture PhD students.

NameThesis title
Adam Przywara Rubble Europe: Trans-national history of rubble utilisation in the immediate post-war period
Alexandra Arenes Architectural design at the time of Anthropocene: A Gaia-graphic approach to the critical zones
Amy Hanley Programme-space types: Significant change and augmented realities
Benjamin Blackwell The networked production or architectural icons: Exceptional planning in the development of London's iconicity
Brett Mommersteeg Urban habitats: Towards a materialist urbanism
David Johnson Architecture and the thing itself
David Mountain The modernism of neoliberalism: Social and historical contradictions in the design of leisure in the London Docklands Development Corporation
Debapriya Chakrabarti Strategies for sustainable development framework for the heritage cores of historic cities
Demetra Kourri Mobility infrastructures as mediators of materiality and inhabitation: Reading roads and highways as urban fabric in Limassol, Cyprus
Diana Osmolska The role of intuition in site analysis
Ebru Shen How does globalisation and technology change the understanding of sense of place?
Fadi Shayya Material politics of de/militarization and policing in contemporary US: An inquiry into the ontological turn in urbanism and the transfer of military technology
Garrett Wolf Demodernization and recovery: Hybrid urban form and culture in Samarkand and Tashkent, Uzbekistan, since the fall of the Soviet Union
Ghaydaa Hemaidah Optimizing the healing environment in Saudi public hospitals: The development of an assessment tool for measuring interior design quality
Junyan Ye  
Ksenia Litvinenko GIPROTEATR: Theatre architecture and the building of the transnational Soviet Bloc, 1970s-80s
Kunzhe Kang Constructing a modernism future in contemporary Chinese architecture? A study of the localisation of modernism architecture in China since the late 1990s
Majd Alnajem The memory of the place of Amman traditional houses: Towards efficient implementations of heritage sustainability
Michael Dimelow Regenerating urban 'blue space' in an age of austerity: The role of 'temporary use'
Osama Naim Conceptual thinking: Towards an efficient interpretation
Purva Dewoolkar 'Infrastructural Limbo': Sanitation infrastructures in Mumbai’s informal settlements
Raqib Abu Salia Customary land tenure and land readjustment: Exploring their complexities in semi-arid Ghana
Salma Soliman The push of gravity: Designing for an enhanced human body movement
Samuel Holden How can process-driven architectural practices produce space for urban grassroots organisations?
Simon Mitchell A legacy of Le Corbusier: The amodernist
Stylianos Zavos The Greek popular housing type: Modernisation, material expression and daily life in post-war Athens
Yahia Gamalaldin Informal urban growth: An analytical descriptions based adaptive simulation model