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Architecture student in workshop


As a Manchester School of Architecture student, you will have access to the world-class resources and facilities across the two city-centre campuses.


Architecture student.

There are workshops for model-making and construction projects in both Manchester Metropolitan University’s Benzie Building and The University of Manchester’s Humanities Bridgeford Street building.

We house an impressive range of fully equipped workshops for wood, plastics, foam, metal, ceramics, glass, computer-aided manufacture, textiles, printmaking and bookbinding.

We also offer facilities and advice for the production of scale development and presentation models for use in student projects, in the form of the B.15 modelmaking workshop. The workshop offers state of the art digital fabrication technology alongside core traditional manufacturing techniques.

IT resources

Architecture student.

As well as the computer clusters found across both campuses, the studio spaces are equipped with PC workstations with industry standard computer-aided design, visualisation, image editing, print and web design software. The studios also have standard and large format printing facilities and WiFi.

You will also have access to specialist Apple Mac-based video editing, scanning and digital design resources at the Manchester School of Art and high-quality printing services. Online resources are also used extensively to support learning and teaching, including the Moodle virtual learning environment.

Materials and equipment

Our students can purchase art materials and consumables at cost prices from the Manchester School of Art’s Material Stores.

You can borrow video and photography equipment from the AV Store and have access to photography studios, film processing and video editing facilities.

Libraries and collections

The University of Manchester has one of the best-resourced academic libraries in the UK, whilst Manchester Metropolitan University has a nationally-recognised art and design collection. Specialist collections include the Manchester Society of Architects’ Library, which holds important and rare books on the history of architecture.

Manchester Metropolitan University’s Visual Resources Centre covers a broad spectrum of subjects, including architecture, all art and design areas, film, popular media and social history.