Social responsibility

Social responsibility describes the way that our School is making a difference to the social and environmental wellbeing of communities on campus, in Manchester, and around the world.

Social responsibility is built into every aspect of life in the School, including our teaching, research, and public events and activities.

Our priorities form part of the University’s overarching goals around social responsibility

It covers many different types of activity, including:

Business, civic, and public engagement

We recognise the power of our research to influence the policies, priorities and programmes of a range of governmental, business and non-profit organisations working to improve society and economy. We recognise the impact our activities have on communities in Manchester and beyond, nationally and internationally.

Through our commitment to Social Responsibility, we invest in building and sustaining our relationships across these communities and commit to engaging and partnering with diverse organisations to support new conversations and new ideas to improve lives.

Explore some of our projects: 

Our research doesn’t just shape and influence the ideas of policy-makers. We are proud to see SEED colleagues commercialising their research into non-profit ventures that benefit people, society and the economy.

Explore some of these projects:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion issues are the responsibility of all members of the School. At The University of Manchester, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion forms one of the priority areas in ‘Our Futures’ which is the document outlining the vision and strategic plan of the University.

This sets out the desire that “our students and staff will be representative of the diversity of talent in our communities.” And emphasises that equality, diversity and inclusion strengthen the University and should be at the heart of our core activities of teaching, research and social responsibility.  

In SEED, we have an EDI team made up of the Associate Director for EDI and the Director for Social Responsibility, along with staff leads for Disability Equality, Race Equality, Gender and Sexuality Equality, and Taught Students as well as Postgraduate Researcher representatives.  

In December 2023, the School was granted the Athena Swan Silver Award. The Athena Swan Charter is a framework which is used across the globe to support and transform gender equality within higher education (HE) and research.

Teaching and learning and supporting student change-makers

We recognise the power of our students as change-makers in the world, both today and into the future. We strive to give students the ability to lead Social Responsibility activities in SEED and to enable them to become socially responsible graduates equipped to navigate and make positive contributions in increasingly uncertain worlds.  

Alongside SR initiatives developed by The University of Manchester such as Stellify and activity led by the Faculty of Humanities, students are encouraged to get involved with SEED led activities and Students’ Union societies:  

Environmental Sustainability

Find out more about activities in this area on the Faculty webpage.

Get involved 

SEED staff and students who have a great idea to make a difference can apply for funds through the SEED Social Responsibility Catalyst Fund.

A call for applications is circulated early in Semester 1, with an additional funding call in Semester 2 if funds still available  

Please contact SEED’s Director for Social Responsibility, Nicola Banks, if you’re interested in learning more about or getting involved in Social Responsibility in SEED.