Our world-leading research elucidates the complex relationships between societies, economies, governments and the environment (both natural and built).

Projects generally revolve around four core themes: environmental change; governance, policy, and practice; poverty and social justice; and urbanism.

These themes are designed to resonate with stakeholders on local, national, and international scales, bringing together researchers across our five disciplines.

Home to both the Global Development Institute (GDI) and the Manchester Urban Institute (MUI), our strong focus on interdisciplinary research is what sets us apart from other institutions.

Our contribution to high-profile Centres and Institutes across the University, such as the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) and the Centre for Digital Development (CDD), allows us to make an impact in a wide breadth of fields.

As a result of this research, we are improving the outcomes for people in communities across the world.