Choen-Yin Chan

Yin is a British PhD student in Education, who was working as an English teacher in China for five years before undertaking her master’s and PhD here.

On my research

Choen-Yin Chan, PhD Education

Choen-Yin Chan

PhD Education

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My research interests are around migrant families, intercultural communication, languages, and education.

I really enjoyed doing my master’s dissertation which was on a similar topic to my PhD, so my supervisor at the time also encouraged me to continue the research as a PhD project.

I hope to bring the phenomenon of intergenerational relationships in migrant families to light.

On my PhD student experience

My student experience so far has been great.

I’ve really enjoyed the PhD and the different activities and opportunities involved. I have really supportive supervisors and belong to a nice research community here in Education, with the chance to meet lots of really interesting people and hear about fascinating research all the time.

I’ve been able to attend a few conferences and have put together a conference here at Manchester with a few colleagues, with the plan to organise more in the future. I’ve also been working as a Teaching Assistant which I really enjoy.

Choen-Yin (Helen) Chan

On my greatest challenge

Because I have two young kids (aged three and one) it can sometimes be difficult to balance work and family, which are both quite a handful, although I’d say I’m doing okay.

“The University is very big and has a thriving research community which I think improves the PhD experience.”

On the city of Manchester

Manchester is home to many Chinese families so it was a good place for me to carry out my research. The University is also very big and has a thriving research community which I think improves the PhD experience.

I love living in the city. It’s very diverse and full of things to do and eat, plus I can find lots of family-friendly places to go to. I live with my husband and kids in our own house, quite close to the university so I’m able to walk to the office.

On tips for future students

I think it’s really important to study something you’re interested in otherwise it can be really difficult to get through the three years.

I also find it really useful to socialise with or at least interact with my fellow PhD colleagues, as we support and help each other.

I hear it can be very lonely and difficult otherwise.

That’s why I like working in the office and being a part of the community here.

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