Leadership of Learning

The Leadership of Learning is one of a portfolio of units developed for University College.

This popular unit is offered as a 10-credit or 20-credit unit in semesters one and two. Also available is a 20-credit unit where students take ten credits in semester one and ten credits in semester two.

  • UCIL20001 (10 Credits)
  • UCIL21001 (20 Credits)
  • UCIL21000 (20 Credits) unit over two semesters

It is only possible to commence UCIL21000 in semester one.

Application process

Please complete the online application form.

You are unable to save the form halfway through completion and return to it later, so make sure you have all the information to hand before you start.

After applying, you will be invited to attend a short informal interview to discuss your reasons for wanting to take the unit and your previous experience of working with children and young people. There will be time available to ask any questions you may have.

As the unit includes a school placement, a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is completed shortly after your interview. Acceptance onto the unit is conditional on the check being clear.

Pre-placement workshops

There are six two-hour workshops for the 10 and 20-credit units.

  • Session 1 - Leadership of learning: an introduction to the course, professionalism and placement arrangements
  • Session 2 - Effective teaching and learning, its social and educational contexts and reflective practice
  • Session 3 - Managing relationships and behaviour and planning for learning
  • Session 4 - Leading learning in a context of ethnic and socio-cultural diversity
  • Session 5 - Student-led activity
  • Session 6 - Mid-placement reflections on learning and critical incidents

In addition, for the 20-credit unit, there are a further three workshops:

  • Session 7 - Leading Learning: a conceptual framework – building on experience; theories and models
  • Session 8 - Case studies in leadership: from schooling and beyond
  • Session 9 - Using concepts and theories to guide future learning: assignment guide

For UCIL21000 (20 credit over two semesters) students attend sessions 1 to 5 in semester one and sessions 6 to 8 in semester two.

Placement activities

The activities that you may participate in at school, under the supervision of a teacher, are:

  • supporting group activities
  • team teaching, or delivering part of lesson under supervision
  • one-to-one work with pupils (e.g. gifted and talented or special educational needs)
  • designing subject-specific resources/learning materials
  • observation and reflection
  • mentoring/coaching (e.g. study skills, time management, aspirational mentoring).

Student feedback

"I found the leadership of learning unit very rewarding. The University staff and the partnership school were amazing in the support they provided. I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering becoming a primary or secondary teacher, or to anyone who wants to build their confidence or leadership skills.

"The thought of teaching a small section of a lesson initially scared me; however, by week six of the placement, I taught a whole afternoon session about Victorian archaeology, which linked in with their history topic for this term. The reward of seeing how engaged the children were in digging for artefacts, confirmed how much I want to be a primary teacher.

"This course has built my confidence and I have gained some excellent leadership skills for future employment."

Teacher feedback

"Our three students have been excellent. All of them have made a real contribution to learning in school. They have acted professionally throughout, were well prepared with a good understanding of what to expect, and with clear objectives of their own. James. Olivia and Danielle have been enthusiastic ambassadors of their own subjects, eager to help children learn and supportive of teaching colleagues."