Tom Clements

Tom completed an MEd Psychology of Education in 2017, worked as a teacher and an Assistant Educational Psychologist, and has just been accepted for a place on a doctorate of Educational Psychology.

On why I chose to study the MEd

Tom Clements

I have long been interested in how psychology applies to the world of education since training to be a teacher.

When I moved to Liverpool, I wanted to complete a master’s in the field and The University of Manchester was one of a few options that specifically taught on the application of psychology to education.

However, it was Manchester's reputation for intellectual thinking and contribution to research that, for me, put it above any other course.        

On what stands out to me from my time at Manchester

The amazing richness of teaching that always made me go away and read as much as I could on what had been presented to us.

Lecturers were engaging, challenging and inspiring.

I wish I could return and do the course again!

On my most recent role

My most recent role, as an Assistant Educational Psychologist for Wirral Council, involved working with a local authority educational psychology team in order to extend their services. My role included:

  • developing and delivering training;
  • planning for and doing work with individual or groups of children (e.g. therapeutic work);
  • organisational support (e.g. helping to plan and deliver the ELSA programme);
  • generic admin support, including coordinating drop-in sessions.            

On my career path following graduation

Following graduation from my MEd, I taught for a year as a full-time teacher and worked for two years as an assistant educational psychologist.

I have been accepted for a doctorate of Educational Psychology back at Manchester starting in September 2020.

On the skills knowledge and experience needed for a career in this area

Experience of the classroom is important, and of how schools operate.

Careful communication and good listening skills and an ability to be patient - Rome wasn't built in a day!

A thirst for learning is key.