Abigail Langton

Abigail Langton studied PGCE Primary, graduating in 2019. She is now a primary teacher at Varna Community School.

On choosing my PGCE at Manchester

Abigail Langton

I didn’t always want to be a teacher; I was drawn to it after working as a nanny.

I adored nannying and this made me consider what job role I could do that meant working with children but in a more secure and stable way.

I chose Manchester for my PGCE as I live locally so I was able to stay at home, and also due to positive reviews of the PGCE.

On the highlights of the PGCE course

The mathematics course was amazing - I also found science and English very useful.

The lecturers were all so passionate about the job, which I found inspiring.

On how my first year of teaching has gone

It’s the hardest job that I’ve ever done but I like to think that I am managing okay.

I am a Year 4 teacher and the modern foreign languages subject lead.

I have my own class for whom I plan and lead lessons, I set homework and online learning, and I have a TA whom I am required to manage and direct.

I am now a much more organised person and more confident in making decisions and trusting my own 'teacher judgement'.

I am more aware of what I’m good at and what I’m not as strong at.

On my advice to students considering teaching

Don’t just start on a whim - really consider if you’re ready to jump into an all-consuming career.

Expect to give up weekends and evenings, and be resilient as you will always feel that you can do better.

Ensure that you are able to switch off as you will always feel that there is more you can do.