Harvey Williams

Harvey studied the PGCE Secondary Economics and Business at The University of Manchester and is currently completing his NQT year as a teacher of Economics and Business Studies.

On choosing my PGCE at Manchester

Harvey Williams

The University of Manchester was one of few universities that offer the option to gain a PGCE in both Economics and Business Education.

This, along with its outstanding reputation as a course and university made it a clear first choice.

I had always enjoyed studying economics and business at undergraduate level and knew I wanted to have a career in this area in some way.

I also wanted a career with variety, one where I would walk in and know that there will be something different about every day.

Teaching certainly gives you that.

On how the PGCE has supported me in my teaching career         

This PGCE gives you a large amount of first-hand classroom experience which is probably the best way to set you up for your full-time role once qualified.

The course has allowed me to make a smooth transition from trainee to qualified.

As a cohort, we developed a strong bond with one another that has continued beyond the course.

We have been able to support and learn from one another over the year.

On my advice to applicants

Be prepared to hit the ground running from day one.

It will be a busy year so organisation and commitment are key from the off.

However, you will certainly get out what you put in and the support from tutors and peers is great.

Don’t be afraid to try things and make mistakes, it is what the year is all about.