Molly Reeve

Molly Reeve studied BSc Mathematics with German at The University of Manchester and, following two years working in the aviation industry, chose to change career into teaching.

She is now studying PGCE Secondary Mathematics at Manchester.

On choosing my PGCE at Manchester

Molly Reeve

I always wanted to teach at some point in my life and, given the events of 2020, continuing my two-year career in aviation became challenging and less prosperous.

Therefore, I decided to make the move to train to teach for certainty and to fulfil something I had always wanted to do at some point anyway. 

I already live in Manchester and I love the city, so I knew I wanted to stay.

My previous good experience at The University of Manchester and its Russell Group status were also important factors in my decision. 

On what I have enjoyed so far 

I have enjoyed hearing from guest speakers as part of the course - previous alumni, experienced teachers and charity representatives - as this has equipped me with advice from those in schools or working with young people on a daily basis.

It is also interesting to hear different experiences of training to teach. 

I have loved my school placement so far - the staff are very friendly and have welcomed me into the team and supported me really well.

Also, I can walk to my school which is an added bonus.  

On the aspects I have found challenging 

The mix of university and school is good - however, the university days throughout the term are quite frequent. 

From previous experience, Manchester is a great student city - I just wish that we could embrace the student life a little more and socialise with others on our course to build better friendships, which is hard given the current COVID-19 restrictions.  

On my advice to future PGCE students 

Being proactive and conscientious seems to go a very long way on placement.

Try to put yourself in the students’ position when planning a lesson and think about what would be important, what would be interesting or dull, and what lesson structure would help you focus best.  

On my future plans  

My plans are to get a teaching job in Manchester and to settle into a school for a good few years, as I have been through a lot of changes recently personally and professionally.

Longer-term I would like to move into a more senior pastoral role, such as head of year, as well as developing my teaching practice in maths through experience and professional development.