Browse the academic profiles of our Planning, Property and Environmental Management staff.

Academic staff

Dr Ransford Acheampong
Presidential Fellow in Future Cities

Research specialisms: Autonomous transport and shared-mobility; Land use and transport interaction; Urban modelling and simulation; Smart cities; Spatial planning

Dr Felix S. K. Agyemang
Lecturer in Data Science

Dr Stephen Agyeman-Yeboah
Senior Tutor in Real Estate

Prof Mark Baker
Professor of Urban and Regional Planning; Head of Department

Research specialisms: Spatial planning; Regional planning; Strategic planning; Planning practice; UK planning system

Dr Adam Barker
Senior Lecturer in Spatial Planning

Research specialisms: Nature-based solutions; Green and blue infrastructure; Ecosystem services; Environmental assessment

Dr Philip Bell

Dr Philip Black
Senior Lecturer in Urban Design

Research specialisms: Design quality; Design control and governance; Applied urban design process; Urban design and cycling; Culturally sensitive designs

Dr Iain Deas
Reader in Urban and Regional Policy and Planning

Research specialisms: Urban governance and policy; Governance of regions and city-regions; Urban regeneration

Dr Bertie Dockerill
Senior Tutor

Dr Sahil Gandhi
Lecturer in Real Estate

Research specialisms: Urban Economics; Housing Markets; Real Estate; Urbanisation in India

Dr Anna Gilchrist
Lecturer in Environmental Management and Ecology

Dr Nick Green
Senior Tutor

Prof Graham Haughton
Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning

Dr Carys Jones
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Assessment and Management

Research specialisms: Environmental impact assessment; Strategic environmental assessment; Biodiversity

Ms Rachel Kerr
Lecturer in Urban Design

Prof Richard Kingston
Professor of Urban Planning and GIS

Research specialisms: Planning support systems; PPGIS; Geographic Information Science (GIS); Smart cities; Spatial analysis

Dr Caglar Koksal
Lecturer in Planning

Research specialisms: Infrastructure planning and funding; Planning policy; Political economy; Urban theory and planning; Strategic spatial planning

Dr Ian Mell
Reader in Environmental and Landscape Planning 

Research specialisms: Green infrastructure; Planning policy; Landscape planning; Financing green space; Environmental politics

Prof Anupam Nanda
Professor of Urban Economics and Real Estate

Research specialisms: Economics of urban and regional markets; Analysis of real estate markets; Real estate finance and investment; Housing market dynamics; Policy evaluation

Dr Ilir Nase
Lecturer in Real Estate

Mr Bob Philips

Dr Nuno Pinto
Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning and Urban Design

Research specialisms: Decision support in urban planning; Urban simulation; Integrated urban and transport planning; Quantitative methods in urban planning

Dr Harry Mohd Radzuan
Senior Tutor in Planning, Property and Environmental Management

Dr Andreas Schulze Baing
Lecturer in Urban Planning

Mr Mark Shepherd
Senior Lecturer in Real Estate

Research specialisms: Property valuation and appraisal; Linking corporate strategy and real estate strategy; Valuer education e-Learning in vocational education

Dr Andrew Snow
Lecturer in Environmental Planning

Research specialisms: Environmental impact assessment; Environmental governance; Environmental identity; Environmentality

Dr Alfredo Stein Heinemann
Lecturer In Urban Development Planning

Research specialisms: Low-income housing, post-disaster reconstruction, local development, and planning for climate change adaptation in cities of the global South

Dr Vaidehi Tandel
Lecturer in Real Estate

Dr Sotirios Thanos
Senior Lecturer in Real Estate and Urban Economics

Research specialisms: Urban and transport economics; Spatial econometrics; Housing and hedonic pricing models; Transportation noise; Non-market valuation 

Dr Ian Thornhill
Lecturer in Planning, Property and Environmental Management

Dr Joanne Tippett
Lecturer in Spatial Planning

Research specialisms: Community engagement, Public Participation, Nature Recovery, Design for sustainability, and Systems thinking

Dr Eero Valtonen
Lecturer in Real Estate

Prof Cecilia Wong
Professor of Spatial Planning

Research specialisms: Strategic spatial planning; Policy monitoring and analysis; Urban and regional development; Housing and infrastructure planning; Urbanisation and planning in China

Dr Yishuang Xu
Lecturer in Real Estate

Research specialisms: Real estate economics; Real estate finance; Portfolio management; Real estate investment; Age-friendly city

Dr Razieh Zandieh
Lecturer in Urban Design and Planning

Research specialisms: Healthy urban planning and design; Walkability and sustainability; Social and spatial inequalities; Age-friendly city

Dr Yueming Zhang
Lecturer in Urban Planning

Research specialisms: Urban politics and governance; Arts and creativity; Postcolonial urban theory; Policy and knowledge mobilities; China

Dr Wei Zheng (Helen)
Lecturer in Planning, Property and Environmental Management

Research associates and fellows

Dr Jeremy Carter
Senior Research Fellow

Mr Joe Glentworth
Research Associate

Ms Sian Peake-Jones
GMCA Research Fellow

Mr Joe Ravetz
Research Fellow

Dr Mehebub Sahana
Research Associate

Dr Taki Sonbli
Urban Design Officer

Mr Vasileios Vlastaras
Research Associate

Dr Jana Wendler
Research Associate

Honorary and visiting fellows

Mr Dave Carter
Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Stephen Garvin
Honorary Research Fellow

Prof Vincent Goodstadt
Honorary Professorial KE Fellow

Prof John Handley

Prof Michael Hebbert
Professor Emeritus

Dr Philipp Horn
Honorary Research Fellow

Bob May
Honorary Professor

Mr Neil McInroy
Honorary Research Fellow

Prof David Rudlin
Honorary Professorial KE Fellow

Dr William Sheate
Honorary Professorial Research Fellow

Dr Lei Wang
Honorary Research Fellow

Prof Gwyn Williams
Professor Emeritus

Prof Chris Wood
Professor Emeritus

Mr Kai Zhou
Honorary Research Fellow