We're committed to research that impacts urban developments and sustainable environments.

Individuals and teams from Planning and Environmental Management have been or are involved in many research projects that have a significant impact.

  • Cecilia Wong is participating in a research partnership supporting UK 2070, an independent Commission into the UK’s regional inequalities. The partnership is examining the nature of inequalities across the UK, exploring the costs and consequences, identifying underlying causes, and making recommendations for new policies to tackle the problems of left-behind places, whilst supporting the sustainable growth of successful places.
  • Jeremy Carter is partnering on a £4million EU IGNITION project which looks to develop innovative ways of financing natural solutions to deliver resilience to increasingly extreme climate hazards through the Manchester Urban Institute (MUI)
  • Joanne Tippett is working with Natural England as they launch a national Nature Recovery Network, tackling the challenges of biodiversity loss, climate change, and wellbeing.

Learn more about out how our research has been making a difference through our case studies below.