Current PhD students

Meet and be inspired by our Planning and Environmental Management PhD students.

NameThesis title
Alexander Wharton The design and development of prosperous working-class neighbourhoods in Manchester: Learning from Amsterdam and other radical cities
Amanda Briggs Community asset transfer in England since 2010: Enabling innovation for positive social change or perpetuating entrenched social inequalities?
Amish Sarpotdar Patterns of spatial inequality and residential segregation in Indian cities
Annika Hjelmskog Assessing the role of housing association regeneration activity in tackling health inequalities in Greater Manchester
Aya Badawy A goal-oriented approach to land use planning by integrating heuristics with GIS and agent-based modelling
Bing Sun Governing for urban low-carbon development in China: A case study of Hongqiao Business District, Shanghai
Charles Oppong Urbanization of peri-urban landscape: Sustaining households livelihoods in peri-urban development
Chou Hon Leong Planning for electric grid infrastructure: Policy and governance
Christopher Moss Greening neighbourhood plans: Integrating green infrastructure into community-led planning initiatives
Denis Arinabo Enhancing urban flood resilience: Use of sustainable urban drainage systems to control floods in Kampala, Uganda
Dimas Adrianto Rethinking sustainable city-regions in developing countries: Investment trade-offs and the emergence of new directions for planning the urban fringe (a case study of Indonesia)
Eman Abouziyan Mapping the spatial and socio-technical dynamics of urban metabolism for sustainable urban development in Egypt
Fahad Alharbi How can urban form ensure that future cities can advance public health?
Hanan Abu Mahfouz Towards sustainable industrial areas in the Gulf region
Harry Radzuan A case study on sustainable city and renewable energy in the UK
Joseph Glentworth Can rewilding work for everyone?
Justine Seager Analyzing activity-travel behaviour and its application to on-demand multi-modal mobility solutions in cities 
Matthew Sanderson Learning from public engagement in multiple sectors to help plan power infrastructure: What can we learn from what is already happening in communities?
May Abdelhakeem Newisar A conceptual model for tourist destination management through social and spatial patterns
Mayang Puteri Redefining urban development and community participation practices in planning of the informal spaces: A socio-spatial approach
Nick Moule Experiences of neighbourhood regeneration in times of austerity: An exploration of peripheral urban areas in North West England
Rachel Lauwerijssen Green infrastructure as a tool for climate change adaptation and greenhouse gas emission mitigation strategies in European cities
Sulaiman Albhijan Understanding the multi-dimensionality of urban decline: A case study of Riyadh Central Area
Thomas Arnold Sustainable spatial rebalancing for Northern England: Alternative models and future scenarios
Vasileios Vlastaras The implementation of an integrated planning support system framework using web technologies
Wenshi Yang A planning paradigm of shrinking cities in Northeastern China from the perspective of population activities and spatial performance
Yangnan Guo Roles and potential of technical professionals and citizens in planning and design of park urban green spaces in Chinese cities
Yitian Ren