Current PhD students

Meet and be inspired by our Planning, Property and Environmental Management PhD students.

NameThesis title
Abdulrahman Al Mottahar Autonomous Vehicle Assessment of its Supporting Ecosystem and The Process of Developing a Regulatory Framework (Saudi Arabia as a Case Study)
Alexander Wharton The Design and Development of Prosperous Working-Class Neighbourhoods in Manchester: Learning from Amsterdam and Other Radical Cities
Ana Kashfi Muhamad The Interplay of Architecture in the Complex Urban Fabric of Town Centres
Augustine Asuah Towards Inclusive Urban Futures: Exploring the Evolving Patterns and Socio-Spatial Equity Impacts of Urban Enclaving
Aya Badawy A Goal-Oriented Approach to Land Use Planning by Integrating Heuristics with GIS And Agent-Based Modelling
Charles Oppong Urbanization of Peri-Urban Landscape: Sustaining Households Livelihoods in Peri-Urban Development
Christopher Marsland Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS): Analyzing activity-travel behavior and its application to on-demand multi-modal mobility solutions in cities
Christopher Moss Greening Neighbourhood Plans: Integrating green infrastructure into community-led planning
Denis Arinabo Enhancing Urban Flood resilience - Use of sustainable urban drainage systems to control floods in Kampala, Uganda
Doaa Abdelaal Muhammad The effect of Cultural Identity on Visual Preference of Urban Parks in the Greater Cairo
Eman Abouziyan Mapping the spatial and socio-technical dynamics of the food-energy-water nexus: Evidence from Greater Cairo Region
Fatimah Alturfi Towards Smart and Sustainable Urban Futures: Developing a Framework to Assess the Urban Sustainability Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles and Associated Mobility Services
Gloria Munoz Romero "The Role Of The Individual In Climate Change Adaptation: Action-Research With Communities Living In Poverty In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico"
Gonzalo Sanchez Garcia Form Based Codes for affordable neighbourhoods: Insights of social-spatial segregation caused by gated communities in Bogota, Colombia
Hanan Abu Mahfouz Towards Sustainable Industrial Areas in the Gulf Region
Jonathan Wood Understanding The Changing Market Structure of the Food and Drink Retail Industry: an epidemiological approach 
Ke Wang Exploring the development of neighbourhood park in the urban fringe area in the context of high-speed urbanisation - Guang Gu Area, Wu Han, As Case Study (After the Economic Reform and Open Up)
May Abdelhakeem Newisar A conceptual model for tourist destination management through social and spatial patterns
Mayang Puteri Redefining urban development and community participation practices in planning of the informal spaces: A socio-spatial approach
Nick Moule To examine the future of Pennine Lancashire in a period of public spending austerity
Patrick Moat Reinventing Tomorrow's Cities: How can the planning and implementation processes in the redevelopment of mid-20th century social housing projects be made more egalitarian, sustainable, and affordable in modern entrepreneurial UK cities
Rong Wang An Investigation into Cross-Border Real Estate Investment Preferences in the UK
Ruotong Tang Sustainable Development in Ethnic Villages of Southwest China: A bottom-up perspective
Sarah Coleman Project X - Improving Project Delivery in Government
Siqi Huang Social Responsibility and Financial Performance: The Role of Sustainable Property Investment
Thomas Harris Constructing a Model for Smart City Strategy Building in Latin American Cities
Vasileios Vlastaras  
Xiaodan Liu The Multidimensional Impacts and Implementation of Infrastructure in The Post-Industrial Society
Xinye Xiao A Research on Green Gentrification in China Caused by Urban Regeneration
Xinyue Dong Addressing the ageing issue in China with the strategic planning of urban community
Yitian Ren Sustainable development based investigation on the urban-rural relationship in the contemporary China
Yueh-Sung Weng Incremental housing upgrading strategy as an alternative ¿ A community-led regeneration approach in Taiwanese cities
Yuyuan Chen Transition to Mobility-as-a-Service: an international comparative study of integration mechanisms and implementation Strategies