Socially responsible graduates

A university education extends well beyond the classroom. Our students are the best examples of who we are and what we do in SEED.

We ensure our graduates are both skilled knowledge workers of tomorrow and able to exercise important ethical, social and environmental responsibilities.

Ethical Grand Challenges

All of our students undertake the Ethical Grand Challenges, which give our students the opportunity to explore three of the biggest challenges facing the world in the 21st Century – sustainability, social justice and workplace ethics.

Through the Sustainability Challenge, SEED first years – along with 8,000 first years from across the University – undertake an immersive, highly interactive simulation activity, based around the fictitious city, and university, of Millchester to understand the complexities of sustainability.

Participation in the Ethical Grand Challenges contributes to Stellify – which brings together a whole host of extra and co-curricular activities that students can explore and benefit from at Manchester, giving them the chance to broaden horizons, understand the issues that matter and step up to make a difference to the local and global community. Stellify is a great opportunity for our students to consolidate their curricular and extra-curricular learning to potentially achieve the Manchester Leadership Award.


A great way to contribute to the community and to the Manchester Leadership Award but moreover, to enhance your university experience, is through volunteering.

Taking on a volunteering role that complements your degree is a great way to improve your studies and boost your employability. As well as enriching your learning and placing your studies in a wider context, volunteering can help you demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

On the University’s volunteering website you can learn more about the hundreds of opportunities available to you and how to get started. You can browse and apply for a wide selection of volunteering roles on Volunteer Hub, ranging from large charities to smaller not-for-profit organisations and from the local community to overseas.

If you want to work towards the Manchester Leadership Award, you’ll need to make sure that all the volunteering hours you complete are recorded on Volunteer Hub.


For the last few years SEED have travelled to Uganda as part of Team Uganda.

This is a partnership project between the University and S.A.L.V.E. (Support and Love Via Education) International, a charity based in Manchester and working in Uganda. S.A.L.V.E. works with children on the streets in Jinja, using the power of education to provide opportunities for them to leave their difficult pasts behind them and move off the streets towards a brighter future.

The Volunteering and Community Engagement Team can provide tailored advice to help you find your ideal volunteering role.

During term-time you can visit the team at one of their regular drop-in sessions in the Atrium, University Place. These sessions are open to all University of Manchester students, and no appointment is necessary.

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