Management Leadership and Leisure

Learn how to become a successful leader. Develop the knowledge and skills to act in a management position in sports, events and/or tourism.

What is Management, Leadership and Leisure?

This degree offers you the unique chance to explore the events, sports and tourism industries. You can gain experience across them all, or specialise in the one you’re passionate about.

In addition, the diverse range of units you can take is what, partly, makes your degree so valuable.

You’ll expand your knowledge in all areas of business - from finance to marketing, to human resources.

Why study Management, Leadership and Leisure?

My Applied Study Period (ASP) was a great opportunity to practice the theory I learned, as well as helping to continue developing my English as I am an international student.

And, as a result of my ASP, I received an invitation for a paid job for the next academic year.

Stanislav Boichuk / BA Management, Leadership and Leisure

You'll learn the theories and strategies that frame business management. You'll also put your knowledge into practice through your Applied Study Periods.

You’ll gain more than 500 hours of industry experience. You can undertake this in a range of professions and sectors to help you find your passion.

Management, Leadership and Leisure is a flexible course. It allows you to choose your specialism - sports, event and/or tourism. It also gives you the opportunity to pick up modules from elsewhere in the University.

You can expand your interests with course units that may cover topics as diverse as learning a language, understanding artificial intelligence and enterprise skills (see the UCIL website for more information).

This course allows for small group teaching and guided one-to-one supervision. We pride ourselves on our quality of teaching.

You’ll enjoy this support from the very start of your degree. The annual pre-course Wales field trip allows students to get to know each other before the first term begins.

We stay in an area close to Portmeirion and visit various Leisure centres of excellence and activity in order to learn from management expertise.

We take all Year 1 students on this paid-for trip in support of your studies on MLL.

The purpose of this trip is, firstly, as it’s linked to an assessment on the appraisal of Leisure Management in Practice.

Secondly, it’s an important support activity, allowing you to get to know the staff - and your fellow course mates - in an informal setting.

Miriam Firth / Course Director