Ordinances and regulations

Ordinances and regulations for postgraduate research programmes can be found here:

Student policies

Postgraduate researchers at the University of Manchester undertake to observe and abide by the University regulations regarding attendance, conduct and research practice.  


The School reserves the right to submit any work handed in by students for assessment to electronic systems for detecting plagiarism or other forms of academic malpractice. This includes plagiarism detection service, 'TurnitinUK'. 

It is vital that you read and understand the guidance on plagiarism and if necessary discuss it with your supervisor(s).

Appeals and complaints

Where students wish to appeal against a final decision of a board of examiners, or a progress committee, etc, which affects their academic status or progress in the University and that there are eligible grounds to do so, they need to follow the University Academic Appeals Procedure outlined in the Regulation XIX.

The University has a procedure for complaints from students registered for programmes of study at the University. Complaints should be made as soon as possible. Please see full details in the document.

If you have further queries, please seek advice from the Doctoral Academy.