International and EU students

English language support

The University Language Centre not only provides free English language courses for registered students (in-sessional courses) but also tailored workshops, tutorial service and online resources to support students in their academic work.


Having a bank account in the UK will help you manage your finances throughout your programme. If you receive funding from the University, payments will only be made to you by bank transfer to a UK bank account. You can find further information about opening bank accounts, budgeting, costs of living and funding from the websites below.

Immigration and visa

Please see Immigration and visa.


If you have not lived in the UK, when you arrive, you need to register with a local doctor for your main health care. Lists of doctors are available from on the NHS website. For dental care you’ll need to register with a local dentist. However, our University Dental Hospital offers emergency treatment.

And while it can’t provide you with the same primary care as a GP, the University Occupational Health Service will offer you confidential advice and support relating to health concerns that may affect your academic studies.

Working in the UK

If you are considering working during your study, you can find out more about immigration restriction for non-EU students, how to apply for a National Insurance number, part-time work opportunities and voluntary work on the Careers Service website below.


For the University to meet UKVI statutory requirements as a visa sponsor of PGRs and its responsibilities in accordance with its sponsor status, we will refer to eProg attendance and engagement records to ensure that PGRs are in attendance and engage with their studies. The eProg attendance and engagement milestones are confirmed by supervisors. 

International checkpoints 

UKRI requires that we report the attendance and engagement at various points in the academic year. You are not required to attend specific session as attendance and engagement information will be taken from your eProg record. Unless there are legitimate reasons for the absence is recorded as a formal period of absence, PGRs identified as “not in attendance” will be reported to the UKVI and the University will cease to sponsor the student’s visa. The visa will then be curtailed and the student must leave the UK within 60 days. For more information, please refer to Student Support | Immigration and Visas | The University of Manchester

Visa extension

PGR should complete section 1 of the CCR1 form and email with the subject line "Visa extension". 

Further information

For more information on student visas: