Professional doctorate

Professional doctorate programmes in the School of Environment, Education and Development are:

Programme length

The Professional doctorates programme is a 3 year full-time programme, with built-in flexibility to accommodate the working conditions of participants.

The letter you received from the University offering you a place on the Professional Doctorate programme specifies your registration period and the deadline for submission of your thesis.

Programme structure

Your Professional Doctorate at SEED is a structured learning experience that combines taught elements in three modules:

  • Theory
  • Research
  • Professional practice

Research project

A substantial research project in an area of direct relevance to professional practice which results in a thesis of 40,000 – 50,000 words.

Programme rules

The rules governing the Professional Doctorate are embodied in the Ordinances and Regulations and the University’s Code of Practice for Professional, Engineering and Enterprise Doctorate Degrees.

You are also bound by the University’s General Regulations.