Noor Alqaffas

Noor is a second-year BSc Environmental Management student.

On choosing Manchester

Noor Alqaffas

I chose my course because of the urgent need to mitigate and adapt to the crisis of climate change. I chose to study this at The University of Manchester because of the political awareness of its people, and the appreciation it has for diversity and culture.

I also liked its strategic location. Its proximity to both the northern and southern ends of the United Kingdom facilitates domestic trips to some of the country’s major cities and national parks.

On the student experience

The highlight of my course so far has been the free choice unit, The Politics of Climate Change. I liked what this course unit taught me about the way in which the structure of our current global political economy is the primary cause of the overproduction of anthropogenic carbon emissions.

During my summer break, I completed an AIESEC summer volunteer program entitled Light of Borneo. The program focused on providing electricity to off-grid interior Orang Asal villages in Miri Sarawak and interior Orang Asli villages in Peninsular Malaysia.

Additionally, I am currently a student representative and a member of the student Wellbeing Champions. I plan on becoming a peer mentor in my final year of study.

On my future

My time in Manchester has definitely opened my eyes to the reality that my perception of the world is not indicative of its enormity. It has taught me that, our hands are not tied when it comes to preserving the Earth and protecting human prosperity.

There is a whole range of opportunities in all kinds of fields that will allow us to do so, and I hope to find the ones that I can be of greatest service to.