Digital Technology, Communication and Education (DTCE)

The Digital Technology, Communication and Education (DTCE) Research and Scholarship Group is a response to the growing interest shared by many researchers and practitioners in the role of digital technology within education.

Based at the Manchester Institute of Education, the group works with an expansive conception of digital education which cuts across existing domains of research, policy and practice.

Adopting a critical, inclusive and multidisciplinary approach, DTCE aims to generate high-quality research and scholarship; engage in creative and accessible knowledge exchange activities; promote interdisciplinary collaboration within The University of Manchester and (inter)nationally; create a supportive environment for developing digital education research.

DTCE undertakes a range of research and engagement activities across five interlinked thematic strands:

  1. Digital Communication;
  2. Digital Inequalities;
  3. Digital Media Practice;
  4. Sustainability in Digital Design and Learning;
  5. Civic Futures.

Details of the group’s exciting programme of events, including a regular series of online ‘Digital Dialogues’ which bring together leading experts exploring urgent issues in digital education, can be found on the DTCE website.

Our people

Staff members in DTCE include: