Teacher Education and Professional Learning (TEPL)

The work of the TEPL Research and Scholarship Group (RSG) sits within the context of the SEED Research Strategy 2022–27: “Bringing strength through breadth”.

Our agenda is centred on providing a stimulating, supportive and inclusive research environment as the basis for exceptional research, outstanding impact, and the development of the next generation of research scholars and leaders. The aim of this TEPL RSG is to:

  • bring together a wide array of researchers, scholars and practitioners to explore questions related to teacher education and professional learning;
  • foster a culture of engagement with research and scholarly activity in the field;
  • contribute to the field of teacher education and professional learning;
  • be a space for educators and professionals to engage in critique and debate regarding teaching and learning pedagogy and practices.

These aims are premised on a vision for our research that:

  • makes a difference to policy, practice and the lived experience of stakeholders;
  • is informed by a rigorous, critical and ethical perspective;
  • builds research capacity and recognition;
  • bridges the theory-practice divide.

We meet regularly through a range of activities, including reading groups and workshops.

Our people

Staff members in the TEPL RSG include: