Education and Psychology (EP)

Education and Psychology (EP) is a research and scholarship group focused on the application and critical interrogation of psychology to improve understanding of and inform provision relating to key processes, issues and inequities in educational contexts.

We are a large group with four key thematic strands that translate into four Special Interest Groups:

  1. Mental health and wellbeing in education;
  2. Social connection in education;
  3. Cognition and language in education;
  4. Assessment experiences.

Research projects within the EP have been funded by research councils, government departments, public bodies, charities, and professional bodies.

Research relating closely to professional practice in counselling psychology and educational psychology is supported through our approved doctoral training programmes for counselling psychology and educational psychology – the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and the Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology respectively. The programmes of research relating to each programme have forged strong networks with regional schools and professional services for children and young people, and with government departments.

At all levels, our work is recognised as directly impacting educational policy and practice.