Lead Programme Partners

As well as through our Core PGCE application route, we are proud to offer places on our programmes through our Lead Programme Partners in Greater Manchester and beyond.

Applying to our PGCE programmes via our Lead Programme Partners has some distinct advantages for schools and for trainees. Trainees apply to the Lead Programme Partner that they are interested in, based on ethos or location. Being a Lead Programme Partner therefore provides schools with opportunities to select their own PGCE trainees (according to the same criteria as for our Core PGCE), and to place them in their partner schools during the PGCE Programme. Schools can then offer their trainees permanent roles at the end of the training, although there is no guarantee that they will do so.

As a trainee with a Lead Programme Partner, you'll follow a slightly modified version of the PGCE course structure. You may spend extra time in school before the PGCE starts. But you will receive equivalent training opportunities and support all the way through the PGCE as offered to Core PGCE trainees.

All applications for our PGCE via our Lead Programme Partner are processed through DfE Apply.

We will then review your application with the lead school that you have selected. If your application is successful, the lead school will invite you to an interview.

Note: international applicants should apply through PGCE Core.

Our partners

You can find our primary and secondary Lead Programme Providers on the map below. (Please ignore the reference to School Direct)