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Manchester Institute of Education

School Direct

We work with a number of primary and secondary schools in Greater Manchester to offer our trainees the School Direct route into teaching.

School Direct provides schools with opportunities to select their own PGCE trainees. Schools can then offer their trainees permanent roles at the end of the training (although there is no guarantee of employment).

As a School Direct trainee, you'll follow a modified version of the PGCE course structure. School Direct trainees may be invited to spend additional time in school before the PGCE starts.


What to expect

All applications for Schools Direct are processed through the UCAS Teacher Training website.

We will then review your application jointly with the lead school that you have selected. If your application is successful, the lead school will invite you to an interview.

Our partners

We are keen to extend our alternative routes into teaching such as School Direct with schools who are:

  • aspirational;
  • committed to developing outstanding teachers as part of a community of practice;
  • looking to add to the research on informed practice in education with a leading global university.



We are working hand-in-hand with The University of Manchester as we begin our exciting School Direct journey: their experience, quality assurance and genuinely supportive encouragement have given us confidence to aim high.

Tony Rae / Headteacher, Seymour Park Community Primary School