The Manchester Urban Design LAB (MUD-Lab) is set up within The University of Manchester.

Established in 2020 by Dr Philip Black, MUD-Lab serves as a world-class urban design laboratory providing:

  • a wide range of resources, both physical and digital;
  • top-class design-focused research and publications;
  • high-quality engagement and impact with industry;
  • training for the current and next generation of urban designers in the UK and internationally.

MUD-Lab supports a studio-design culture, teaching and researching urban design as a technical applied discipline.

It aims to position The University of Manchester as the leading international location for studying urban design.

MUD-Lab is based in the School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED) at The University of Manchester, with strong links to SEED's department of Planning, Property and Environmental Management.

You can find the MUD-Lab design studio and workshop in the Humanities Bridgeford Street Building.

Our aims

  • Act as a resource to staff and students in research and teaching.
  • Brand the wealth of resources, both physical and digital, we offer all those who study or work with us.
  • Provide visibility to the urban design work within the University.
  • Reinforce a studio design-culture.

Our culture

We promote and teach an applied studio-based technical approach to urban design.

We use traditional design skills across many scales.

We achieve this thanks to our dedicated staff and wide-ranging resources.

Our professional focus

We aim to prepare students for the world of professional practice.

We have affiliations with many major design practices across the world.

Our resources

We offer world-class physical and digital resources, including our:

  • 3d model workshop;
  • computer clusters;
  • design studio;
  • published research and activities, including peer-reviewed articles, books, and podcasts;
  • printing room;
  • toolkit;
  • video tutorials.