Students and staff can utilise our wide range of physical resources.

These facilities ensure we offer a world-leading urban design experience and education.

What's more, they are frequently upgraded and enhanced.

3d model workshop

3D model workshop

Students previously engaged in physical modelling at the University's B.15 Model Workshop.

However, we have now secured funding for our own 3d model workshop. Opposite our design studio and computer clusters, it will be equipped with state-of-the-art:

  • 3d printers,
  • large format laser cutters,
  • tools and materials for the production of high-class models,
  • foam cutters,
  • paint booths.

Computer clusters

Computer cluster

Our 100+ seat computer cluster is next to our design studio.

Each of the computers is pre-loaded with key software.

Here, we teach all the necessary software skills in an ideal learning environment.

Dr Taki Sonbli assists those training with us through their technical development. He is supported by qualified studio assistants.

Design studio

Design studio.

Our design studio is in the Humanities Bridgeford Street building. It provides a space in which to teach and work on projects.

The studio space offers equipment to assist in design and delivery, including:

  • drawing boards,
  • lightboxes,
  • panel boards to present work,
  • personal storage facilities,
  • state-of-the-art teaching screens and software,
  • technical equipment.

The studio also acts as a space for our students to relax and work on their projects.

Printing room

Our dedicated printer resource studio offers:

  • an A0+ plotter,
  • an A0+ paper guillotine,
  • large format laser printers,
  • binding machines,
  • presentation panels.

This studio ensures those training with us can:

  • print their design projects,
  • present professionally at crits and final defences.