Urban Design Process

This framework enables students to practice urban design within the year-long timeframe of MSc Urban Design and International Planning.

The Urban Design Process front cover.

It was written by Dr Philip Black and Dr Taki Sonbli, and published in 2019 by Lund Humphries Ltd.

Urban Design Process structures a contextually responsive approach to understanding and designing. It allows students to develop projects along a logical pathway yet still requires:

  • flexible and creative approaches and thinking;
  • a full commitment to engage and deliver.

The process provides contextual information and clues to help shape design.

It also acts as a robust framework for evaluating design decisions. It seeks to better equip the designer with the necessary contextual detail to:

  • make appropriate decisions;
  • avoid generic or context-less results.

Urban design education should produce knowledgeable and passionate urban designers.

These designers should genuinely contribute to the planet's health and its inhabitants' quality of life.

Cities are complex and evolving organisms.

Designers must be ready to respond to existing and emerging challenges.

We aim to prepare students to face the issues of today and tomorrow.