The Manchester Real Estate and Urban Economics (MREUE) group

About the research group:

Cross-cutting trends such as globalisation, financialisaton and digitalisation are leading to new challenges and opportunities for the property sector and research. Our real estate research is multidisciplinary and addresses issues related to both residential and non-residential sectors in the UK and globally. While properties are often privately owned and operated, public policies and institutions also drive and regulate the market for private properties. Since properties are spatially fixed, local and regional planning and land policies play significant roles in shaping the supply. As a result, property market issues involve complex interplays of private and public sectors players.

As a part of the Department of Planning, Property and Environmental Management, we are uniquely placed to examine both private and public sector issues and relationships that are relevant to the property market. We draw on expertise across the University of Manchester to develop theories, methods, and state-of-the-art tools for property research.

Our people