Sustainability, Resilience, Nature and Built Environments

As our cities change so to do our environments.

The ways in which we react to these shifts are critical to ensuring that we deliver more sustainable and resilient places.

To ensure that we think and act effectively to address changes in urban and landscape form the Sustainable Urbanism and Environmental Resilience research group are working at the forefront of climate politics, actions, and investment discussions.

Our group brings together expertise in green infrastructure, flood modelling and mitigation, resilience urban design, climate change politics, and environmental assessment to rethink the ways in which cities and the environment more broadly can be managed.

Taking a trans-disciplinary approach our research cuts across scale, geographic region, and discipline to identify actions promoting sustainable practices, and synergies between the governance and implementation of development across the world.

We investigate the interplay of people, policy, economic development, and environmental sustainability to promote the creation and implementation of more resilience practice. We do this through research focussing on: 

  • creating a better understanding of environmental risks, resilience, and uncertainty;
  • developing green infrastructure policy and financing mechanisms and employing these in planning practice;
  • establishing the parameters for healthy and more accessible places through innovative design and professional/community engagement;
  • evaluating the use of environmental impact assessment and sustainability assessments techniques in complex environmental scenarios;
  • the development of strategic responses to environmental change.

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