Browse the academic profiles of our Geography staff.

Academic staff

Dr Amy Barron
Lecturer in Socio-Cultural Geography

Research specialisms: More-than-representational-theories; Affect and emotion; Place and identity; Geographies of ageing and the life-course; Creative and participatory methodologies

Dr Rob Bellamy
Lecturer in Climate and Society

Research specialisms: Climate change; Climate technologies; Public perception; Technology assessment; Governance

Dr Joe Blakey
Lecturer in Human Geography

Research specialisms: The political; Carbon accounting and budgeting; Environmental governance; Accounting and accountability; Post-democracy

Prof Stefan Bouzarovski
Professor of Human Geography

Research specialisms: Energy and fuel poverty; Infrastructure development; Urban spatial inequality; Multi-level governance; Social network analysis

Dr Alison Browne
Senior Lecturer in Human Geography

Research specialisms: Everyday life; Water, energy, food, waste, plastics; Sustainable consumption and production; Governance and sustainability transitions; China, UK, Australia

Prof Noel Castree
Professor of Geography

Research specialisms: Political economy; Marxism; Environmental change; Expertise; Politics of knowledge

Dr Gareth Clay
Reader in Physical Geography

Research specialisms: Peatlands; Wildfire; Terrestrial carbon cycling; Upland land management; Urban physical geography

Dr Polyanna da Conceição Bispo
Lecturer in Physical Geography

Research specialisms: Earth observation; Ecosystem processes and modelling; Forest Structure, Dynamics and disturbances; Tropical forests

Dr Christopher Darvill
Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Research specialisms: Quaternary science; Glacial geomorphology; Geochronology; Cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating; Ice sheet reconstruction

Dr Matthew Dennis
Senior Lecturer in Geographical Information Science

Research specialisms: Urban ecology; Landscape ecology; Social-ecological systems; Green Infrastructure; Nature conservation

Dr Martin Dodge
Senior Lecturer in Human Geography

Research specialisms: Historical geography; Cartography; Visual geographies; Manchester

Dr Jamie Doucette
Senior Lecturer in Human Geography

Research specialisms: Geographical political economy; Labour geographies; Politics and space; Developmentalism and democratization

Prof James Evans
Professor of Human Geography

Research specialisms: Urban living labs; Sustainable cities; Smart cities; Governance; Mobile methods

Prof Martin Evans
Professor of Geomorphology

Research specialisms: Peatland erosion and restoration; Peatland geomorphology, biogeochemistry and ecosystem services; Natural Flood Risk Management (NFM) in upland environments

Dr Richard Figueroa Alfaro
Lecturer in Geographical Information Science (GIS)

Research Specialisms: Geographical Information Systems; Earth observation; Remote sensing; Environmental processes; and Nature-based solutions

Dr William Fletcher
Reader in Physical Geography and Quaternary Science

Research specialisms: Mediterranean environments; Palaeoecology; Palaeoclimatology

Dr Aurora Fredriksen
Senior Lecturer in Human Geography

Research specialisms: More-than-human geographies; Affect and emotion; Wildlife; Feminist science studies; Environmental humanities

Dr Claire Goulsbra
Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Research specialisms: Hydrology; Geomorphology; Carbon dynamics; Peatland environments; Novel technologies

Prof Sarah Marie Hall
Professor of Human Geography

Research specialisms: Feminist political economy; Everyday life; Austerity and crisis; Social difference; Ethnographic and creative methods

Dr Angela Harris
Senior Lecturer in Remote Sensing

Research specialisms: Earth observation; Vegetation dynamics; Ecosystem processes; Geospatial modelling; Peatland landscapes

Dr Caitlin Henry
Lecturer in Human Geography

Research specialisms: Feminist political economy; Social reproduction and care; Labour; Health; Everyday life

Prof Martin Hess
Professor of Economic Geography

Research specialisms: Economic geography; Global production networks; Development and labour; Cultural political economy

Dr Jonathan Huck
Senior Lecturer in Geographical Information Science; Director of Social Responsibility

Research specialisms: Computational Geography; Participatory GIS; Global Health; Environmental Geography; Segregation and Conflict

Dr Anna Hughes
Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Research specialisms: Palaeoglaciology; Geochronology; Glacial geomorphology; Quaternary science; Geographic Information Systems and remote sensing

Prof Philip Hughes
Head of Department; Professor of Physical Geography

Research specialisms: Quaternary science; Glacial geomorphology

Dr Ross Jones
Lecturer in Human Geography

Research specialisms: Moral geographies; Pedagogical methods; Controversial issues; Philosophy and ethics; Political economy

Prof Sarah Lindley
Professor of Geography

Research Specialisms: Urban ecosystem functions, climate risk and adaptation,  social vulnerability, health & wellbeing geographical information science

Prof Karen Lucas
Professor of Human Geography

Research specialisms: Social class, Equity, mobilities, energy justice

Dr Nate Millington
Presidential Fellow in Urban Studies

Research specialisms: Urban political ecology; Climate change; Water governance; Waste

Dr Jennifer O'Brien
Senior Lecturer in Human Geography

Research specialisms: Sustainable development; Ethical action; Empowering teaching

Dr Nerea Okong'o
Senior Tutor in Human Geography

Dr Saska Petrova
Reader in Human Geography

Research specialisms: Vulnerability and precarity; Gender and infrastructure; Environmental governance; Rural and peri-urban communities; Post-colonial political ecologies

Prof James Rothwell
Professor of Physical Geography

Research specialisms: Environmental pollution; Green infrastructure; Peatlands; Hydrology

Dr Peter Ryan
Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Dr Emma Shuttleworth
Lecturer in Physical Geography

Research specialisms: Hydrology and geomorphology; Peatlands and UK uplands; Landscape restoration and natural flood management; Sediment and contaminant dynamics; Science communication

Prof Fiona Smyth
Deputy Dean and Vice Dean for Teaching, Learning and Students

Dr Abi Stone
Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Research specialisms: Quaternary science; Drylands; Geochronology (luminescence, U-Th); Geoarchaeology; Hydrogeology

Prof Erik Swyngedouw
Professor of Human Geography

Research specialisms: Political ecology; Democratization; Hydro-social change; Political conflict; Urban insurgencies

Dr Cristina Temenos
Senior Lecturer in Urban Geography

Research specialisms: Urban geography; Policy mobilities; Political geography; Social movements; Drug policy, health inequalities, and austerity

Dr Craig Thomas
Lecturer in MSc Environmental Governance

Dr Matt Tomkins
Lecturer in MSc Geographical Information Science

Research Specialisms: Spatial analysis; Geographical Information Science; Glacial geomorphology; Geochronology; Cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating

Dr Mark Usher
Lecturer in Environmental Geography

Research specialisms: Urban nature and ecology; Water politics and governance; State, territory and citizenship; Infrastructure and transitions; Governmentality and biopolitics

Prof Kevin Ward
Professor of Human Geography

Research specialisms: Economic governance; Infrastructure and cities; Policy mobilities; Public finance; Urban and regional political economy

Dr Saskia Warren
Senior Lecturer in Human Geography

Research specialisms: Creative urban economies; Migration and belonging; Muslim identities, Islamophobia and racism; Gender and feminist geopolitics

Prof Jamie Woodward
Professor of Physical Geography

Research specialisms: River histories; Mediterranean geomorphology; Microplastics in river catchments; Geoarchaeology; Ice Age environments

Dr Yawei Zhao
Lecturer in Socio-Cultural Geography

Research Specialisms: Lifestyle migration; Urban politics and governance; Digital technologies; Rural-urban relationships; Smart cities

Research associates and fellows

Dr Elizabeth Ackerley
Research Associate

Research Specialisms: Youth politics and activism; austerity; geographies of children and young people; ethnographic and participatory methods

Dr Danielle Alderson
Research Associate

Research specialisms: Peatlands; Fluvial geomorphology; Lateral carbon cycling; Organic matter dynamics 

Dr Jamie Anderson
Research Associate

Dr Benjamin Bell
Research Associate

Research specialisms: Quaternary science; Environmental and climate change; Pollen geochemistry; Cedrus atlantica

Mr Joseph Cahill
KTP Associate

Dr Timna Denwood
Research Associate

Dr Temidayo Eseonu
Research Fellow

Dr Laura Fenton
Research Associate

Dr Matina Kapsali
Urban Studies Foundation Research Fellow

Research Specialisms: Feminist geography; Social reproduction and care; Everyday life and activism; Urban political movements; Creative, ethnographic and participatory methodologies

Dr Santiago Leyva del Rio
Research Associate

Dr Jess Linz
Research Associate

Dr Samadhi Lipari
ESRC postdoctoral fellow

Research Specialisams: Energy Geography, Critical Political Economy, Political Ecology, Historical Geographical Materialism.

Dr Ana María Pacheco Pascagaza

Research Associate (NERC project Toward a UK fire danger rating system: Understanding fuels, fire behaviour and impacts)

Research specialisms: Earth observation; Vegetation Structure, Tropical forests, Deforestation and forest degradation monitoring.

Dr Laura Pottinger
Simon Research Fellow

Research Specialisms: People and plant relationships; activism; young people's politics; creative, ethnographic and participatory methods.

Mr Joe Rees
Research Assistant

Research specialisms: Sustainable cities

Dr Jonny Ritson
Research Fellow

Research Specialisms: Carbon cycling, water treatment, peatlands, carbon policy.

Mx Magdalena Rodekirchen
Research Associate

Dr Mehebub Sahana
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Research Specialisms: Research specialisms: transboundary river basin management; landscape ecology; socio-ecological resilience; climate risk and adaptation; rural-urban conversion; geographical information science.

Mr Andrew Speak
Research Associate

Ms Emma Tsoneva
Research Associate

Dr Laurie Waller
Research Associate

Miss Kirsty Watkinson
Research Associate

Miss Joanna Welch
Project Officer (KTP Associate)

Professional support staff

John Moore
Faculty Head of Technical Operations

John provides leadership for, and the management of technical services including the Geography Laboratories within the Faculty of Humanities.

Dr Ben Bell
Laboratory Technician

Ben is working with the Great North Bog project, with the aim to monitor the restoration of peatlands in the Yorkshire Dales and North Pennines. Ben has a specialist background in geomorphology, palaeoecology, and palynology geochemistry (stable carbon isotope analysis and biomarker analysis).

Dr Tom Bishop
Research and Teaching Technician

Tom is responsible for managing the SEED laboratories. Tom is also the Radiation Safety Supervisor and the Uncrewed Aerial Systems Manager for Geography. He has specialisms in palaeoecology, environment pollution, and statistical analysis. Initial enquiries and external requests relating to the labs can be directed to Tom.

Dr Dael Sassoon
Field and Laboratory Technician

Dael is working with the research project “Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Fluxes in the Wigan Flashes Natural Reserve”. The project, run collaboratively with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, focuses on monitoring GHG fluxes with an aim to improve GHG capture.

Tom Spencer
Project Officer

Rebecca Self 
Research Technician

Becky monitors the upland peatland demonstrator site for the BBRSC funded Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) project and measures gas flux from restored peatland and pools. She also operates the Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) for microplastic analysis. Becky has a background in natural sciences and ecology having previously worked for the Environment Agency as an Assistant Scientist.

Jonathan Yarwood
Laboratory Technician

Jon operates a broad range of our most complex analytical kit, including our spectroscopy and chromatography analytical equipment. They have extensive experience in all our methods preparing and analysing environmental samples of sediments, waters, and air for elemental and isotopic composition.