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Geography fieldwork.

Careers and employability

A geography degree opens up a number of exciting pathways.

I founded a start-up business, Hive Urban Farms, with another University of Manchester Geography graduate. Whilst at the University, I became really interested in cities and sustainability and this led to an interest in food and food production and - ultimately - I came across Urban Agriculture (and wrote my dissertation on the socio-economic benefits of urban agriculture in a post-industrial city).

Without Geography at Manchester and James Evans’ sustainability field course, I would never have learned about urban agriculture.

Gareth / Geography (2015)

You will leave university with a highly-valued set of transferable skills, including communication, data analysis, research and problem-solving.

Alongside the specialist geographical skills you develop during your degree, such as working with spatial data, undertaking interviews and conducting field analysis, this is what makes Geography graduates from The University of Manchester so appealing to top employers.

For undergraduates, our dedicated employability course unit, taken during Year Two, ensures you graduate with the research and professional skills you need to pursue your chosen career.

In addition, during your third year, you will have the opportunity to undertake a paid placement in a geography-related professional sector before completing the final year of your degree.

You’ll be supported in finding a placement by our Placements Coordinator and Careers Service. You’ll then keep in regular contact with us throughout your placement.

During your placement, you will complete a series of reflective assignments to help you get the most out of your experience. You will receive feedback from the Placements Coordinator, as well as your on-site placement manager. The year is assessed on a pass/fail basis, with successful engagement allowing progression onto the fourth and final year of your BA/BSc Geography with Professional Placement degree.

You can choose to enrol directly onto this programme via UCAS or you can choose to switch to this option during your first year.

What do Geography graduates do?

Our graduates have pursued successful careers in areas including:

  • advertising;
  • business development;
  • consulting;
  • education;
  • environmental work;
  • finance;
  • human resources;
  • land management;
  • law;
  • local government;
  • marketing;
  • media and communications;
  • planning;
  • PR and marketing;
  • project management;
  • research;
  • sales;
  • social work.

Many of our undergraduate students continue to postgraduate study, including master's courses, teacher training and PhDs in Geography and closely related disciplines.

Manchester is also well-known for the impact and influence of its post-docs and PhD Geography students. Recent graduates have been appointed to Chairs at leading universities in Europe, North America and the Far East, while others now shape national and international policy environments through their work in government agencies, research institutes and activist organisations.

Who employs our Geography graduates?

Our graduates go on to work everywhere from national charities to international organisations, to local schools and councils. They are employed by organisations including:

  • Accenture;
  • HSBC;
  • Manchester City Council;
  • Network Rail;
  • PwC;
  • Sainsbury's;
  • Sky;
  • the BBC;
  • the Environment Agency;
  • the National Health Service.

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